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The Big Ten Gets Slapped Right Out Of The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: What Happened?

The Blocking Chargecast season finale can only ask questions now

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Folks, it’s been a pleasure.

The Final Four is set, and the Big Ten is not involved.

What’s going on?

  • Is there an ethical rooting interest in the Final Four with three of those God Damn Blue Teams and a recent two-time national champion?
  • The longest any of the Final Four have gone without winning a title is 2008.
  • Jay Wright taking his slow build to the next level with a third title would probably be the least insufferable storyline! Consider the alternatives!
  • Duke sending Coach K out with another title would make college basketball insufferable forever, and would probably make this college football season unbearable as a bonus.
  • How about Hubert Davis winning a national title for UNC in his first season as head coach? If that’s not obnoxious, I don’t know what is.
  • Bill Self rising above the same allegations that brought down Will Wade by simply winning more games would be a hell of a story, wouldn’t it?

So how did we get here? Well, we covered the rest of the teams, Michigan was never THAT good even though they were playing their best at this point of the season, and Purdue? Oh boy, Purdue...

So what now? Well, every team’s gonna lose starters to graduation, the draft and the transfer portal because this is 2022, so there’s no point in looking ahead to next year.

So we’ll simply bid you farewell!