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Filed under:'d your bracket go? OTE Pick'em Challenge Results

Lot of Iowa near the bottom. Wonder what happened.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Round-Richmond vs Iowa Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Time to look back at the smoking wreckage of the Off Tackle Empire NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge:

Men's Bracket Challenge

Congrats to TyShry, who finished with the top bracket. His pick of Kansas as a winner carried him to a 99.4 percentile finish.

We will never rid ourselves of the Great Purdue Menace, though. Teach us your ways, St. Peter's.

On the other end, SUPER congratties to OTE writer Stewmonkey13, who likely picked Arizona to beat his Iowa Hawkeyes in the final.

He finished in last.

Please shame him the next time he writes an article, but also don't hold your breath.

OTE writers broadly acquitted themselves well: BuffKomodo took fourth, MC ClapYoHandz 13th, BRT 15th, and I 16th out of 58. Not bad.

Women's Tournament Challenge

Congrats to JCJJJJacobs here, who scooped me in the Elite 8 to take the title. Less competition here, but thanks to those who joined in!

Winners, please email me at minnesota wildcat at gmail dot com or just write a fanpost and let me know! Presuming you don't write something slanderous or awful, you get front-page space to do whatever you want.

We have some basketball retrospectives coming up soon to force you all to relive this season, but other than that, we’re about done with basketball for the season. Thanks to all of you for joining the bracket challenge, reading OTE, and making this community what it is.