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Northwestern Athletics At A Crossroads: How Do The Wildcats Survive 2022 And Beyond?

Has the game changed on Northwestern to an existential degree?

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Northwestern
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Today’s changing college football landscape might prove to be too big of a challenge for a coach who’s such a fossil he might as well be preserved in amber

Heard about their quarterback room? With the loss of Marty AND Johnny, depp th chart is looking pretty short at that position.

Welcome, dear Internet traveler, to our humble Big Ten football blog. May we interest you in some Northwestern Wildcats content?

...OK, that’s fair. But it is still Northwestern week, so we wrangled a ‘Cats contributor onto the podcast to take us through it all!

  • Why does this feel like Indiana’s recap, but with less hope?
  • Must every September involve a loss to Duke?
  • A lot of players return on offense, but not much production. Can you smell what Mike is Bajakian, or are we mistakian?
  • Will Jim O’Neill be a hill Pat Fitzgerald is willing to die on?
  • Naperville Central sucks and can get bent
  • Five years ago, Northwestern seemed to have everything figured out in football and men’s basketball and looked poised to expand their niche. How did things get from there to here?