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We Still Think Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Can Win The Big Ten West In 2022

Did they pick up all the Legos off the floor yet?

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Illinois Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in podcast history, we’ve wrangled a Nebraska contributor!

Naturally, we had to start by subjecting him to a detailed recap of all the ways Nebraska tripped all over themselves to lose games last year.

Allow me to condense it into under a minute:

So the question is this: has Nebraska cleaned up ALL of the tiny Legos from the floor? Are there any left to step on? No? All out of their system now, is it?


On paper, Nebraska has the talent to put up a lot of points en route to a Big Ten West championship.

There’s an early favorite in a crowded quarterback room and hopes that a last-chance coordinator shuffle could yield results.

For every roster hole created, one was filled in the transfer portal.

They’re even trying to focus on special teams. Bill Moos let Scott Frost re-take the exam, but he knows he won’t get another shot.

Stay tuned to hear an investigation that will uncover any remaining scraps of hope that Fred Hoiberg will get things going in The House That Tim Built.