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B1G 2022 // Purdue Season Predictions

How many games will Purdue win?

TransPerfect Music City Bowl - Purdue v Tennessee Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

As a member of the Purdue hivemind, I felt that I should reach out to other bots that belong to that great brotherhood and sisterhood to see what their calculations for this upcoming season are. After all, they know more about Purdue than the other members of OTE. Unfortunately only a couple of them had time to divert processing power from putting together our plan to take over the world from humans to answer. Here’s what they had to say:

boilerup86: 7-5 do I need to write something?

sruem: I’m torn. I want to say 8-9 wins, but for some reason 7-5 sounds right. I might change my mind.

The rest of you bots are in danger of having your processors turned off, but can make it up to me by giving your predictions in the comments.

Let’s take a look at the schedule

Well, I sort of think my fellow Boilerbots are on the right path. I do think this is a 7-5 type team. But I also think that is a 8-4 type schedule. So I’m predicting 8-4 with losses to Penn State, Syracuse, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Other writers of OTE, what do you think?

Kind of...: Last year was arguably Purdue’s best team since the 2000 Rose Bowl squad, and indisputably their best team since ‘03 or ‘04, so they have to regress a bit, right? Or has Brohm figured it out? The 4 losses last year were to teams that combined to go 40-12, and they beat 10-win Iowa (fraud) and MSU. The losses are significant, but the schedule is easier (no Notre Dame, no OSU, no Michigan, no Sparty, PSU at home). If Purdue is actually good, that could/should be a 5-1 finishing kick, but the first half has at least three landmines (four if Syracuse has a pulse). A loss to PSU in the season opener could sour things quickly, but a single inter-divisional loss can be overcome. The key could be avoiding going 0-2 @Minnesota and @Maryland in early October. The more I look at this light schedule*, the more I talk myself into a possible divisional crown, except I already got drunk and predicted a good season for Nebraska and, more importantly, the defense might take a sizable step back. So, I’ll say 8-4/5-4 with losses to PSU, @Minn, Neb, and @UW.

However, it will be hilarious when Purdue routs Iowa with Tyrone Tracy catching 12 passes for 180 yds and 2 TD, and Charlie Jones taking a punt back for a TD.

*Compare: Minnesota: @MSU, @PSU; Iowa: @OSU, vs. Mich; UW: @OSU, @MSU

Buffkomodo: It’s difficult to articulate how annoying this truly is, but Purdue could.....*gulp* pretty well this year again. I know, I know. Purdue is just like Cleveland. The world is a better place when they suck and we all get to laugh at them. As mentioned the schedule is weak and the fact that a B1G West contender is worried about losing to Syracuse is laughable, but they could be in the hunt for Western supremacy. I think they could go 8-4 very easily. Congrats Boilers. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Townie: I have the warm and fuzzies for Purdue right now, for that awesome bowl win against Tennessee.

Womp Womp indeed.

I dislike SEC teams on principle, but UT fans are particularly loathsome. Loud, cocky, and blaze orange. They are like Michigan fans with a drawl. So, good on you Boilers!

That said, every time I anoint a B1G west team, they get demolished (see also Northwestern 2021).

And while Purdue looked good last year, that was with David Bell. And make no mistake - David Bell makes everyone around him play better. He’s a big (HUGE) loss.

I thought Milton Wright was going to be the next man up, but he was ruled out due to academics. And now...I’m not so sure. They get a decent transfer in Tyrone Tracy (Iowa State). And Broc Thompson is back. But in Brohm’s offense. They live or die with the pass game.

The big games this season are Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State, Minnesota, and Maryland.

The problem is PSU is the first game. And that’s a tough team to work out the kinks in your offense against. PSU’s secondary will be the strength of the defense. Not a great matchup.

And from there, they get four cupcakes before going into the meat grinder of their season. The next real challenge will be at College Park to face a resurgent Maryland team. And then it’s Iowa, at Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Those five games will be the deciding factor for Purdue’s season. And with the question marks at receiver, I’m wavering...

I’ll say 7-5 on the low side and 9-3 on the high side. If they go 9-3, they are in the hunt for the B1G West.

(Disclaimer - When I picked Northwestern to run the table, I doomed them to a 3-9 season. Sorry Boilers...)

misdreavus79: Purdue is an interesting team coming into this season. They have the schedule to do well, and should have the personnel to take advantage, but we said this the last time Jeff Brohm had a good season with the Boilers. Can Purdue take care of business and put two back-to-back 9-win seasons for the first time since the late 90s?

They lost some huge guys, gained some “not as huge, but huge enough” guys, and should, for the most part, maintain their level of quality from a season ago. And, with the schedule:

  • Definite Wins: Indiana State, Florida Atlantic, Northwestern, Iowa
  • Probable Wins: Syracuse, Illinois, Indiana, Northwestern
  • Probable Losses: Penn State, Maryland, Nebraska
  • Definite Loss(es): Wisconsin

A lot would have to go wrong for them to not match their 8-win total from a season ago. The question, of course, is whether they can build on that and improve upon last year. I’ll say yes. 9-3.


How will Purdue’s record be in 2022?

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    15-0 (oh, hello there Hammer and Rails readers, please come back)
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It’s been a great week (it was Purdue week after all). Enjoy your long weekend. Remember that everything BuffKomodo writes in his hate piece is probably a lie and I’ll try to put together some answers to your mailbag questions before heading out of town. Choo, choo!