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USC and UCLA to join the Big Ten LOL

Wow, it’s actually happening.

Get used to these iconic colors.

Hello it is I, Zuzu, your Rutgers and USC beat writer.

In a landmark sports world decision, the B1G Ten Conference has decided to become a Coa$t to Coa$t conference and is expanding into the vibrant city of Los Angeles with the addition of the University of Southern California and University of California, Los Angeles starting in August 2024. The benefit for these two institutions is they get to keep their crosstown rivalry. How sweet. Also money.

“Hello, Big Ten Conference, what inspired you to make this bold conference realignment decision?”

Take THAT SEC. Though the real loser here is the Pac-12. Let me tell you, a year ago I thought the conference alignment loser was definitely going to be the Big 12, but whew I was wrong.

The Big Ten is now the coastal elite conference. The news was first broken by Jon Wilner on Twitter and was just fully confirmed as reality for me by the jaw dropping, “holy shit it’s actually real,” email I got from the President’s Office at USC at 4:49pm Pacific Time.

It seems I can’t escape the Big Ten. Help, why are you people holding me hostage? And yes, when Rutgers and USC play one another I’m rooting for Rutgers. Also, Northwestern has a private school buddy in USC. How fun.

Anyway, please discuss the alignment. I’m sure your takes will be tempered, rational, and calm.