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Is Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football On The Verge Of Belonging In The Big Ten?

Stop fighting and accept The ‘Gers. They understand us now.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

In the jungle you must wait until your team goes 5-8.

Well, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights will finally emerge from Jumanji purgatory following their Gator Bowl loss to Wake Forest and their increasing resemblance to the Big Ten may surprise you.

We remain committed to bringing a team contributor on for every episode of this series, and we were fortunate enough to get Zuzu in on this one.

Next week is Maryland Week. Our biggest test yet.

  • Sean Gleeson is quite a conundrum in that he runs a ball control offense but makes wacky personnel rotations. Anything to make B1G T3N F00TB4LL more whimsical is alright by us.
  • How does The ‘Gers replace Bo Melton and Isaih Pacheco? Is it time to unleash Gavin Wimsatt yet?
  • What has bigger gaps, the Rutgers defense or Greg Schiano’s front teeth?
  • At what point does the historically great recruiting start to pay dividends on the field?
  • Is there a ceiling for Rugster Hopps and Steve’s Pikemen?