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USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins Join The Big Ten Conference: Breaking Down Realignment Impact (Podcast)

The future has arrived and it’s both wacky and practical

NCAA Basketball: UCLA at Colorado
This pod’s gonna go long and riff on a lot of stuff, so Bill ought to love it
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven’t heard, the USC Trojans and the UCLA Bruins are joining the Big Ten Conference.

In response, the podcast calls an emergency summit with BuffKomodo, misdreavus79, and MNWildcat to discuss the out-of-left-field news of the Big Ten’s pending expansion to the West Coast.

  • We all basically agree more shuffling was inevitable, but that we turned on our longest-standing conference ally is...nope, can’t say surprising, they had something we wanted
  • The future landscape of the sport is still murky but consolidation and removal of some small number of superconferences from the rest of the NCAA structure seems inevitable
  • There will be clear losers at some point, mostly among smaller schools who can’t capture a significant media market, so we have fun exiling those teams to the USFL Dimension
  • Culture and competitive fit is discussed even with the constant reminders that this is at best a 3-hour flight for the teams involved
  • We marvel at the completion of Jim Delaney’s design, as these events line up with a media rights negotiation right when NBC, CBS, Amazon, and Apple are all looking for sports product to buy
  • Having gutshot the Pac-12, it only seems right that we put them out of their misery (?)