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Can Wisconsin Football take offensive line play to new heights? PODCAST

Plus, at what point do we give up on Greg Gard failing?

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The plethora of Wisconsin Badgers contributors on our masthead are all, as it turns out, adorably shy bois.

Therefore, to keep up our streak of having a school contributor on for every non-Maryland school, I reached out to Tyler Hunt of Bucky’s 5th Quarter to discuss the present and future of Wisconsin football and basketball!

We fraternal flamekeepers of the circa-2010 era of sports blog community will always support each other, and therefore the cheesecast touched on the following topics!

  • How good were last year’s Badgers really? They weren’t as bad as they looked against Penn State or Notre Dame but certainly weren’t as good as past Wisconsin teams under Paul Chryst.
  • As Coach Chryst would say, “the tough thing about Jalen Berger is that he is no longer on the roster, so you expect less production”
  • The high-profile offensive line recruits of the last several years are about to hit the depth chart. Is this a serious escalation of force in the waning days of the Big Ten West?
  • How does Greg Gard keep getting away with seeming to lose control of the program only to end up as a 3 seed?

All this and more!