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Is Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Stagnating Under PJ Fleck?

And would that be the worst thing in the world?

NCAA Football: Iowa at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another 8-4 Big Ten West team with a one dimensional offense.


Minnesotans MNWildcat and WhiteSpeedReceiver join the podcast to discuss the following Goofer topics:

  • A belligerent MNWildcat appeared in my dream with a bizarre disguise/halloween costume. We led the show with this very important story.
  • An absolutely astonishing stat about just HOW one-dimensional the Minnesota offense was this year!
  • Is Tanner Morgan aging double while PJ Fleck slowly gets younger? Is this not a mildly abusive practice?
  • So what’s going on with the prep recruiting? It feels like we’ve stalled a bit here, which is not what was supposed to happen given the ENDLESS JUICE we were promised.
  • Where exactly in this schedule will Minnesota fail to score a touchdown against a losing team?
  • How long does being likeable buy this iteration of Gopher hoops before they have to start winning?
  • Which of our guests is more Minnesota? Does Northwestern REALLY see Minnesota as a win? Is there anything more demoralizing than getting Minnesota Nice’d out of the stadium in a blowout?
  • ....What about this PJ Fleck offseason stuff?