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Big Ten Media Days, Wednesday Schedule and Open Thread

A simple mnemonic to help you remember today’s order: PIMSRPSWO. Got it?

Syndication: Detroit Free Press
Going into a dunk tank in Flint certainly explains the takes from ol’ Jimmeh

Yes, that’s right, it’s Day 2 of the Big Ten Media Days! Can you BELIEVE that scandalous thing Jim Harbaugh did or didn’t say yesterday? Wasn’t it bold of that one media member to ask that one question and summarily get him- or herself uninvited from all future media days? Did you SEE how lifelike that P.J. Fleck stunt double was?

...I’m told the last one was actually P.J. Fleck. Anyway.

Day 2 of this dog and pony show, featuring more people not answering questions.

  • TV: Big Ten Network, the FOX Sports App, or there’s a great old episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on the CW that you guys should watch. Salem says the MOST bitchy thing!
  • When: 9am today, unless you’re reading this tomorrow, then yesterday.
  • Where: Indianapolis, probably whatever succeeded the RCA Dome. Remember VHS tapes? What was your most iconic VHS tape? Mine was probably the copy of The Chipmunk Adventure, the 1987 movie based on the then-popular cartoon. It was Alvin and the Chipmunks the way they were meant to be watched.


All times CT.

Having trouble remembering those teams? Just tell yourself: Penguins’ Igloos Melted, Rising Polar Waters, Ohiostateisamorallycorruptpieceofshitinstitution.

Hope that helps.

Here’s your open thread for the day’s Big Ten Media Days action. Be sure to answer that VHS question and make a helpful mnemonic to remember the order of these teams, too — inquiring minds want to know.

Was Mike Locksley there yesterday?