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Is Mel Tucker Coming, Going Or Staying? Michigan State Spartans Football 2022 Preview PODCAST

Was there a pass defense in the transfer portal?

Syndication: Lansing State Journal Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Now that we’ve gotten almost all of those 8-or-so-win Big Ten West teams that can’t throw the ball out of the way, it’s Michigan State Spartans week.

What do we have on the agenda today?

  • Bagels Are For Champions, did I really spot your truck in Royal Oak? Or was that just someone else driving around with a “FIRE DANTONIO” bumper sticker?
  • What was the most optimistic 2021 season any State fan could have talked themselves into before last year? 7-5? 8-4?
  • How repeatable is what Michigan State did last year? Can Kenneth Walker’s success be replicated with the same offensive scheme?
  • Tucker has leaned pretty hard on the transfer portal for many positions, but oddly decided to mostly stand pat with this secondary. What gives?
  • Does Tom Izzo have one last conference title run in him that he’s gearing up for? One last heist, but this time with all point guards?