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Have Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan Wolverines Finally Overtaken The Ohio State Buckeyes in Football?

......................Probably not, but there are other questions answered as well!

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, we do in fact have to ask that question, even as an academic exercise.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about what the hell is going on in Warde Manuel’s athletic department!

  • Between Tom Brandstater literally saying Robert Anderson’s victims were making it up, Juwan Howard throwing hands and Zavier Simpson crashing a car registered to Manuel’s wife and then lying about his identity, Michigan athletics should have in theory been on high alert.
  • DESPITE THIS! Warde Manuel sat on a damning report about hockey coach Mel Pearson for two months before it leaked, causing a big enough uproar to force action. What the hell? Is Warde asleep at the wheel?
  • ANYWAY! Let’s talk about the talent and have an honest conversation about what last year means for Michigan’s place in the landscape.
  • Will losing both coordinators be a big problem for Michigan?
  • In basketball news, are we headed towards the season with the most Coaches’ Sons Playing in recent memory?