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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Ireland

The Big Ten is headed to Ireland for some reason

Oh my god we have a conference game already, this is not a drill! I simply cannot believe football is back. It is my pleasure to once again bring you WWBWWBD: the weekly segment where we share our weekend plans and how many empty calories we’ll be consuming as we ignore the pleas of our families to watch the sport we all love.

Tomorrow we’ve got just three teams playing. Illinois has an afternoon clash against the Bohl Boys, but your marquee matchup is a conference game between Northwestern and Ireland for some reason???

Whatever, I’ll take it. It feels like it’s been 26 years since we’ve had football. Plus 6 days from today we get to see Purdue, Penn State, and Minnesota play. It all equals 1 happy Big Ten blogger. You love to see it.

Enough rambling, let’s see where everyone will be tomorrow. As most handsome OTE “writer” I get to start:


I’ll be waking up early to watch the Premiere League, then heading down to the farmers market to grab some breakfast burritos. I’ll just be drinking coffee all morning, but for the later games I’ve got some Gumballhead in storage that I have to drink soon while it’s still fresh.


I’ll be at my new house in the Chicago suburbs, drinking some revolution brewing ipas


I will also be at my house, in the Boston metro area, drinking seltzer and coffee. In fact, I am drinking seltzer and coffee right now! Proably a bad idea to be drinking coffee at 5:11 PM Eastern time, but hey, you gotta live a little.


I’ll be heading back to the middle of southern Indiana. Hopefully be back and mom and dad’s by noon so I can watch games all day.

Also, drinking a light beer of some sort.


I’ll be in St. Paul watching soccer. Probably drinking either Grain Belt Nordeasts or ciders.


Iced tea. In my basement in Broomfield, CO. Alone. So alone.


At my apartment drinking beer. Will see what I pick up tomorrow to find out what type.


Eating some kind of cheap takeout that we order in, probably. Or rubbery chicken. Maybe a Diet Shasta if I’m feeling saucy, otherwise water. Perfect start to the 2022 season.

Green Akers

Home in metro Detroit, taking a swing at creating a planter out of old paver bricks. It promises to be a lot of work for disappointing results, so right in line with Nebraska/Northwestern football amirite


Fort Dodge, Iowa drinking Busch Light, because that’s the law of the land.

Actually, the microbrewery in town has a pretty decent raspberry sour so I might pick up a growler of that.

Maximum Sam

Westerville, OH, smoking ribs and drinking Great Lakes Oktoberfest.


I will be somewhere in Oakland county, Michigan, and wouldn’t ya know it I still have some Papas Pilar 24 dark rum even though it’s almost the end of summer.

This is what I’ll sip should things go according to plan. Should things get really bad, however, I will probably stomp around between my garage fridge basement fridge and kitchen fridge, malort in one hand knife in the other, and swig the malort in between murdering every macro lager/ale I have left. for some reason a couple tallboys of tecate remain.\


Well... I’ll be watching the game from my house, but it’s actually been lovely in Austin, so I might be smoking something and enjoying the game on the patio. I recently tried a fake tequila (NA edition) so I will likely be sipping on a margarita (NA).

How about the rest of you? Let us know in the comments!