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Scott Frost is the New Tim Brewster

From bragging about vomit to coughing up a hairball against the dregs of the West—is it over in Lincoln?

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Northwestern USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern Wildcats 31, Nebraska Cornhuskers 28

Nebraska hit the portal hard for a QB that didn’t play anyone with a defense of note last year and a WR from New Mexico State and stuff like that, and added a fancy new OC that had produced a Heisman finalist QB and Biletnikoff Award winner (AT PITT!!!) and far too many people started saying ridiculous things like Kirk Herbstreit picking Nebraska to win the West or people picking them to make a bowl game.

But what they failed to do was make any meaningful changes to a middling defense or upgrade the OL. Adding the assistant OL coach from the Bears—who happens to be the brother of one of your former All-Americans/sociopaths—is meh enough to start, not upgrading the talent from a pathetic front last year is worse, but then bragging about how you’ve made them puke their guts out this summer is just more proof that nobody involved with the Nebraska football program gets it.

The Huskers run game continues to be pathetic, needing a 46 yard carry from Anthony Grant to fluff the stats and avoid having a 3 yard per pop average. Casey Thompson started off well and took advantage of Northwestern giving Cornhusker receivers more cushions than they have at Home Goods and leaving very overmatched LBs to cover Vokolek.

But after the onside kick—which I actually don’t need to touch on, because it’s idiocy is obvious to one and all—Thompson turned back into a pumpkin, going 4/11 for 26 yards, 1 INT, and getting sacked twice. Once teams realize that Nebraska can’t run and can’t block for more than a 3 step drop (if they’re lucky), it’s open season on Thompson and we’ll continue to see what we’ve been seeing all along from the Frost era, because he’s continued to fail to address his biggest issue on offense.

Defensively…holy fuck.

You just gave up 528 yards to Northwestern. That’s only happened twice since the start of the 2018 season. Evan Hull got 119 yards and a TD on 22 carries with his blazing 5.3 second 40 (hand timed) speed. The Wildcat OL started the game getting caved in easily, but grew into the game when they realized that the Nebraska defense is as soft as their head coach, and there aren’t any closets to hide in. Even ”forcing a fumble” from Cam Porter when he went to deliver a blow instead of just absorbing it doesn’t change the fact that the Wildcats looked OK all game long.

And I’m not sure if there’s any higher praise any of us can give the jNWU offense than “they looked OK.” Anyway, Bert and Paul Chryst and Kirk Ferentz and Ryan Day and PJ Fleck may have all realized that it’s going to be Christmas when they get to go run trough that defense.

And allowing Northwestern receivers to shake loose in the secondary? Chinander has to know that he’s disgrace his ancestors and should consider seppuku, right? If Nebraska fans had good sense, they’d spend the fall at apple orchards and creating gigantic haybale mazes and things like that.

Scott Frost is now 15-30 after 45 games as a B1G coach. That’s the same record as Tim Brewster, but without the 2 bowl games Gopher fans got to “enjoy.”

To get to the same winning percentage as Mike Riley, Frost must win the next 15 games.

To get to Bill Callahan, he must win 22 straight games.

And for Scott Frost to have the same winning percentage as disgraced failure Bo Pellini, he needs to win 60 games in a row.

This is where you are, Nebraska. Enjoy the coaching search and have fun with North Dakota after flying halfway across the world.