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Can The Empire Strike Back, or are Ryan Day’s Ohio State Buckeyes On The Verge Of Falling Off?

PODCAST: Is this battle station fully operational?

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Barbara J. Perenic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Wait a minute, it’s not the last week of the off-season yet!

That’s right, the two-loss Ohio State Buckeyes had a fatal flaw that was exploited last year to deny them of their fourth consecutive Big Ten football championship.

So the rebels are celebrating, the Empire is scattered, perhaps Cade McNamara is in good spirits riding his tauntaun around the Hoth base.

Is their doom coming?

To find out, we had MaximumSam on the podcast to answer the following BURNING questions:

  • What does Jim Knowles bring to the defensive side of the ball?
  • Why did Ohio State struggle to run the ball against elite defensive fronts and what can be done?
  • Recruiting: is it horrifying, or are these recent flips to Alabama something to actually be concerned about?
  • Are there five Big Ten fanbases that want their head coach fired more than Ohio State?
  • Chris Holtmann captains yet another Big Ten hoops team that will be totally different than last year. How’s it gonna go?