THE Off Tackle Empire College Fantasy Football League

Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all, we are in search of roughly 4 more players to fill out our OTE CFB Fantasy league. Below are the links and passwords needed to join. If more people want to play, I can make it a 12-person league. The more the merrier! And I can extend the player pool to include G5 players (if needed).

If you have any problems, just let me know! Thanks!

Mgmt note: No prizes or anything like that, just a fun league run by one of our OTE regulars. It's fantasy football...but college football! Please consider joining -- we'd love to extend this league to 12 players! AND you have the chance to make MNW look bad by beating him at college fantasy football! Though it was his fault for drafting Northwestern receivers and the Iowa State quarterback...

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