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Why Did James Franklin Turn Penn State Football into Imitation Purdue? Big Ten Week 1 Preview

Plus a Week 0 recap!

NCAA Football: Penn State Spring Game Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the regular season everybody!

We have just one episode for you this week, because the Week 0 recap really didn’t take much time.

So here’s what we have in store

  • Why did Andrew believe in Scott Frost when it’s now abundantly clear that he himself is what’s holding this program back?
  • Does this mean great things are on the horizon for Northwestern?
  • Is Illinois an actual Big Ten football team now?
  • How did Penn State basically turn into Shitty Purdue With More Talent Everywhere, and can that beat Real Purdue? Last year’s defense was solid but unspectacular, they couldn’t run the ball but they sure did throw a lot to make up for it.
  • The road to the QuickLane Bowl runs through Bloomington!
  • Is a 17 point line for Ohio State over Notre Dame reasonable?
  • Are any of the teams assigned to tomato cans this week going to fail the assignment?