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Breaking News: 2022 Iowa Playbook Found at Mar-a-Lago in Classified Document Stack (satire)

Breaking News out of the Empire

South Dakota State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

I don’t know how the FBI missed this, and how the Mainstream Media missed this massive nugget to report—they must be TOO BIASED to share such privileged content with you—but we at Off Tackle Empire feel it’s our duty to report the news!

In the recent FBI raids, agents found the 2022 Iowa Hawkeyes offensive playbook in between documents titled “How to remove the U.S. for dummies” and “How to remove every other Western Country, Vladimir”.

Check it out below:

Holy shit, I knew Kirk Ferentz kept it simple, but a playbook of literally a power sweep and a TE Pop Pass? Imagine what could happen if this information fell into the wrong hands. The nuclear football of Iowa athletics, just haphazardly stored among Time magazines, McDonalds wrappers, and coupons for free backrubs comma Ivanka. Think of the threat to global national regional Iowan security!

Enjoy watching Iowa this year, my friends. You are now the owner of insider information. Use it wisely.