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The Weekly Mailbag Will Need A Moment

We will always remember you fondly, Scott Frost you magnificent dipshit.

Fare thee well, sweet dumbass
Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I don’t know about anyone else here, but I think the loss of Scott Frost will be extremely difficult for the B1G to overcome. We have rarely seen such a glorious combination of bluster, unearned swagger, bravado, and blatant incompetence. He was the perfect match for a large majority of the Nebraska fanbase on the internet, and I wish them all the best of luck finding another coach that delivers the level of football they deserve as well as Frost did.

There should be a ton of questions about how things are going right now. The East has a full deck of undefeated teams, with even Rutgers and Maryland holding serve and beating the stuffing out of their opponents. And the West? Well, there’s my beloved Minnesota. And then there’s trash. Purdue and Illinois bounced back nicely from week 1 losses, so good for all y’all. But the rest of you? Look at yourselves! I appreciate that Pat Fitzgerald, Kirk Ferentz, and Paul Chryst are all picking up the mantle for Frost with absolutely abhorrent coaching and terrible football, but could you at least wait until after he’s cleaned out his personal effects from his office and that apartment above the bar in Lincoln? Have some pride.

Folks, now is your time. Let those questions fly and I’ll do my best to torment and annoy my fellow “writers” into answering them this week. And I’ll even throw out the first one I’ll be putting in the mailbag myself: Now that Frost’s gone, who’s the worst coach in the West?

Everyone have a great night, please avoid getting COVID, and have a great evening.


So who’s the worst coach in the West?

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