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Introducing SPORT: Bingo for...Sports?

Pick lines, spreads, totals, and more for a BINGO card to win...prizes? No, not prizes. Pride? Probably not that either.

Seniors Playing Bingo
Photo by Eric Bard/Corbis via Getty Images

You’ve played Bingo before, right? Simple game: you get a randomized board with 24 spaces (and one free space) and your goal is to get five spaces in a row filled in before your grandmother does.

But have you ever thought, I should combine this with sports betting?

Well too late, pal, I’m already doing this. Except here, I’m calling it SPORT. Because, y’know, it’s about sports. Here’s how it works.

Spreads: A spread, if you’re brand new to sports, is the amount of points a favored team is projected to win by. Your goal is to pick either side (or both, if you want) of a spread, and if that hits, you fill in a space. Pick five, in the order that you want them on your board. Reminder, if you choose a team1 -X, that means they will win by more than that number. To choose the other side of the line, you would choose the other team, team2 +X, meaning you think the underdog will lose by less than the line or win outright. Vegas lines, but pushes are covers.

Props: your team has a special player or two or twenty-two (looking at you, Ohio State). Will that player show up this week? That’s the idea of prop bets. My props, that I will be designing myself (free money, folks), will be even money, meaning you can choose either side of them. (Yes or No, pushes are yes)

Oddities: Will a Big Ten West team lose to a G5 team this week? Will 3+ teams put up 50+ points? Questions like that, usually yes or no stuff, will fill the middle column. They are kind of a crap shoot, which is why this is the column with the free space. Think of them like parlays or teasers, for those familiar with sports betting. Each oddity will have a number, and to choose it, write that number and either yes or no (i.e. 2Y, 5N, etc.).

Rest of the nation: You don’t exclusively watch B1G football? I mean, I guess a little Tuesday-night MACtion is acceptable, but you actually watch the SEC? Well I guess this is the category for you, sicko. It’s pick’ems for games not played in God’s country. Not gonna lie, this one was an afterthought. Pick’ems are defined as games with a line sub-5 points. You are allowed to choose a team that is greater than a 5-point underdog, if you’d like to look those up yourselves. This may change once we get into the proper conference season.

Totals: Iowa’s over-under this week is 40. Is that free money? It’s spreads, but for points totals, this isn’t hard. Vegas lines, pushes are yes.

The way you write your comment will reflect your board. Think carefully, unless you just want your board to be in the order I randomly wrote these lines.

So, an example board, and my board this week, would look like this:

S: Nevada +23, Oklahoma -11.5, MSU +3, Maryland -3.5, Indiana -6.5

P: 12N, 6N, 4Y, 14Y, 13Y

O: 3Y, 4N, FREE, 2Y, 1N

R: Oregon, LSU, Louisville, North Texas, Vandy

T: Iowa U40, OSU O61, Neb O65, Minn U47, PSU U49

So, here’s your bets. If you have questions, please put them in the comments. Your original comment will be taken as your final answer (reminder, the edit button exists), because I’m not making this harder on me than it needs to be. The standings will be determined by total weeks with a bingo, with a tiebreaker of most total spaces hit.

Have fun, and make sure to leave any suggestions in the comments below.


  • Michigan -46 vs UConn
  • Nebraska +11.5 vs Oklahoma
  • Purdue +1 vs Syracuse
  • Indiana -6.5 vs Western Kentucky
  • Rutgers -17.5 vs Temple
  • Penn State -3 vs Auburn
  • Minnesota -27.5 vs Colorado
  • Wisconsin -37.5 vs NMSU
  • Ohio State -31.5 vs Toledo
  • MSU +3 vs Washington
  • Iowa -23 vs Nevada
  • Maryland -3.5 vs SMU


1. Stroud (OSU) 350 yards
2. OSU team rushing 150 yards
3. Morgan (Minn) 2 TDs
4. Ibrahim (Minn) 120 rushing yards
5. Hilinski (NU) 350 yards
6. Clifford (PSU) 3 TDs
7. Wisconsin team rushing 200 yards
8. Tagovalioa (MD) 350 yards
9. Thorne (MSU) 2 TDs
10. MSU team rushing 150 yards
11. Petras (Iowa) more TDs than INTs
12. Iowa team 8 points allowed
13. Jones (PUR) 1 TD
14. Korsak (RU) 40 PISS
15. Washington (NEB) 5 receptions
16. Michigan QBs with passing TDs 2
17. Indiana team rushing 150 yards


1. One of Northwestern, Minnesota, Iowa loses
2. Maryland AND Indiana win
3. Ohio State and Michigan win by a combined 75 points
4. Penn State OR Michigan State win
5. Iowa outscores any conference foe
6. Indiana wins by more than Oklahoma (or loses by less)
7. The West has more winners than the East OR PUSH


  • Louisville vs FSU
  • UNLV vs North Texas
  • Oregon vs BYU
  • Northern Illinois vs Vanderbilt
  • LSU vs Mississippi State
  • New Mexico vs UTEP


  • UMvUConn 57
  • NebvOU 65
  • SUvPU 58
  • IUvWKU 60
  • TemplevRU 44
  • AuburnvPSU 49
  • MinnvColorado 47
  • UWvNMSU 46
  • OSUvToledo 61
  • UWvMSU 57
  • IowavNevada 40
  • MarylandvSMU 69.5