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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 3

Much like Scott Frost, we will be drinking on our couches while football is on this weekend.

Happy Friday everyone! You finally made it to another weekend of football (and also whatever Iowa does). Lets get started, shall we?


On Saturday I’m going to be in Austin for a reunion with some friends. We’ll be seeing Austin FC play Nashville under the lights and then going to a bar after. I’m going to try and stick to local brews, so I’ll welcome any suggestions down in the comments (send me restaurant and bar recs too.) We’ll probably skip watching the Iowa game because we don’t need Iowa struggling to score double digits against the worst defense they’ll face all year harshing the vibe.


in Houston touring the city’s attractions and hopefully finding a bar that will show the Purdue game.


I’ll be at home in the Chicago suburbs, drinking some local Oktoberfest beer, watching subpar football with my family.


I’ll be at Legendary, Historic, Kinnick Stadium watching Iowa barely scrap by a Nevada team that Incarnate Word put up a 50 burger against.

Jesse Collins

I am going to try and miss this game but will likely - see: 100% - watch the bloodbath against Oklahoma. Will probably make some smoked wings and MAYBE smoked meatloaf if the weather is remotely not death hot.


As it turns out, my child schedule is such that I have them during the big games —so I’ll be on child duty while I try to catch glimpses of the game here and there. Here’s to hoping I don’t have to pay too much attention!


I’ll be making the trek back to Cincinnati. Hopefully be back before noon kickoffs. Drink of choice will be water as I collapse from pulling another overnight car ride in the span of a week.


oh, right. i’ll be somewhere round norwich, ct. this is a place that i’m likely never going to go again now. i’d like to, it’s just...the occasions are gone now. we’ll have what’s probably our last asylum street pizza. if we’re lucky maybe we can sit on the front porch one last time. we’ll probably eat our last authentic GRINDAHS. then we’ll have a little gathering to say goodbye to my grandmother. if they’d met last year she could have kicked the queen’s ass.


I’ll be at book club for the beginning of the blessed event vs. Oklahoma, which is not something I’m sad about missing. Then, I’ll probably pop over to my brother’s to catch the rest of the game/hint to my nephew that I’m totally willing to go downstairs and play MarioKart with him instead of watching the game if he wants to.


Following Kid 1’s soccer double-header in the southern suburbs Saturday morning (which I’ll be watching while consuming Irish coffee), we’ll trek to Historic Gopher Football Stadium to yell and scream and hoot and holler. I may have a Grain Belt, but an abundance of Cherry Coke Zero is more likely in my role of “responsible adult.”

Jessie Collins with an update:

Well... As of now I’m slated to go shopping for native plants at a very exciting native plant sale. I do think this weekend calls for some barbecue though. Not smoking it myself this time, though. I’m likely going to go get some brisket at Valentinas and it will be delicious

Dead Read

Lovely Downtown Lincoln. The usual.

Green Akers

Up north this weekend for a mini-vacay-cay on and near Mackinac Island. You don’t drink fudge, per se, but that will certainly be the featured consumable.


My wife is making me go camping in Delaware County. Pray for me. Hopefully not drinking my own urine.

RU in VA

I’m in single dad mode - the better half is heading back to Charlotte, Michigan for a country wedding and my kids have a full soccer regular season slate. I have sixtel of homemade pumpkin/maple ale that should be just about ready conditioning.


Home in the northwest suburbs, hopefully just hanging on the couch while the Wildkit sleeps and the Mrs does not cast me too many sideways glances for enjoying a Bent Paddle festbier or two. I’ll also be grabbing something from Alloy Brewing in Coon Rapids, where I’ll be on Thursday. This summer they brewing an American lager with olive (Ben’s Minnesota Martini) that was an enjoyable take on a Midwestern VFW classic.RU in VA (and Thump in past articles), though, have me thinking that now that I’ve become even more sessile than normal thanks to this kid, it might be time to pull out my old brewing kits and give one a try again... Certainly that’d be better than NU-Southern Illinois.

Brian Gillis:

I’ll be in Los Angeles this weekend enjoying a break in the heat. I’ll be ringing in the day Saturday watching Michigan battle UConn and find my way back to the couch in tome to watch Michigan State play Washington.

Ok you know the drill. Head down to the comments and let us know what you’re doing and drinking tomorrow!