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Big Ten Football Week 3 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

Scott Frost makes his appearance on the High Score list

I told you I’d be back.

There’s simply too much college football information available for me to present to you in any other way. I’ve tried writing. I’ve tried talking. I’ve even tried a few videos. But ultimately, it is simply impossible for me to provide to you, my precious reader, all of the hard-hitting Big Ten football facts, analysis and data that you require to even comprehend what you’ll be seeing on Saturday without using the visual media of crudely constructed diagrams and charts.

At some point I plan to provide some anthology articles, such as a compendium of all the alternate logos I’ve used, or a history of the Circle of Trasch. The foundations for a good Circle of Trasch are being laid as we speak, but it’s too early in the season to see it forming and there’s just too many undefeated teams.

Let’s hope that changes.

Surely we’re not going far enough off the rails for anyone to join Nebraska out there?

I decided against NOOOU.

You’ll never quit.

I’m only kind of sorry that I end up making the same joke twice in this article.

The 2026 Illini need Syracuse to win this weekend.


...this could help that along

Worth it.

No, I’m not counting Houston or Elon.

As soon as it stops being true I’ll stop reposting it.

the NFC West loves them some PAC 12 coaches.

I’ve technically missed 3 weeks. I’ll miss more.

I was going to go to bed. But then I decided I needed one more.

Hold on to your hats (if you have them...northwestern)

I will be patiently awaiting the first correction to an error I can do nothing about now.

(no seriously what did I mess up?)

Warning: This Product May Contain References To: Illinois Fighting Illini, Iowa Hawkeyes, Indiana Hoosiers, Maryland Terrapins, Northwestern Wildcats, Ohio State, Michigan State Spartans, Michigan Wolverines, Wisconsin Badgers, Minnesota Gophers, Rutgers Scarlet Knights, Purdue Boilermakers, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Syracuse Orange, UCLA Bruins, UConn, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, LSU Tigers, and Alabama Crimson Tide

Consume at your own risk