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FIXED: Does Auburn Football Matter Anymore? Can Iowa Score On Nevada? Can Nebraska Avenge Scott Frost? Week 3 Preview!

Michael Penix returns to the podcast.

Syndication: The Montgomery Advertiser
Coach Headroom is nowhere to be found

EDIT: I’m a dipshit. I uploaded the 9/16/21 episode instead of the 9/16/22 episode.

I have fixed the podcast. Week 3 preview for 2022 is now available.

Greetings, dear reader/listener. I have good news.

A new Big Ten Infographics is coming.

However, while you’re waiting, take a listen to our week 3 preview!

  • What is going on with Auburn exactly? Should Penn State be worried?
  • Does Syracuse have a defense that can threaten Purdue now?
  • Is Michigan State doomed to fall in the West Coast time zone as so many Big Ten teams do, or can they shut down Michael Penix and the Huskies?
  • Iowa’s opponent just got smoked for 55 by Incarnate Word. How far beyond parody can this offense go?
  • Can Nebraska do their departed coach proud and blow the game against Oklahoma at the last second, as he would have wanted?
  • Is SMU playing Maryland a low-key banger?
  • Who has taken up the Kansas vacated mantle of the worst team in P5 football and does anyone really have a resume to challenge Colorado?