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SPORT, week 2... er, 4. I think?

Your results and this weeks lines for OTE’s newest degenerate gambling game

Conservative Party Leader Michael Howard Photo credit should read CHRIS RADBURN/AFP via Getty Images

It was a successful first week of SPORT, with 13 entries playing along and six hitting a total of nine bingos. Danwesley Meyer, Green 96, and GoldysRevenge all hit two, while LandOfSkyBlueWatersGopher, wesd2005, and NU’06er all tallied one. I was robbed of one when Iowa and Nevada decided to play a full 60 minutes and a fourth-quarter Iowa touchdown covered the spread. More sympathy goes to IUinVA, though, who hit 17/25 spaces and failed to record a bingo. Chart below. Also, I don’t think I was clear enough on some of my lines, and I will work better to be as clear as I can in the future. The Michigan QB prop bet was that 2+ different QBs would throw a touchdown, and not that Michigan QBs would combine for 2+ TDs. It didn’t end up mattering, as neither happened, but I noticed a lot of people hammered a line that I didn’t expect to get a ton of action (though Michigan did have like six guys throw a pass). If you have any questions, PLEASE ask them. I have nothing better to do. Also, pushes hit on Vegas lines, but when my lines include words like “more than,” then equal to is not a hit. I will try to be very clear.

I’m not perfect, so please correct me if I’m wrong. If any of you are interested in stats, here’s some:

Y’all went 31/65 against the spread and 35/65 on the over/under, for 66/130 against Vegas lines, which is slightly over half but below profitability (Vegas takes a piece, remember). You got 33/65 in the “Random” category, but idk how profitable that is because I didn’t look up all the money lines. You hit 46/65 in the prop bets and 36/52 in the oddities, for a total of 82/117 against my lines. They’re exploitable, and you exploited them. Yeesh. I have my work cut out for me as a linesmaker.

Let’s get into this week. Action starts on Thursday with Illinois hosting the mighty Mocs of Chattanooga, so if you want any piece of that game, please get your cards in by kickoff. I’m going to limit props to one per game from here on, btw.


  1. Michigan (-17) vs Maryland
  2. Penn State (-26.5) vs Central Michigan
  3. Michigan State (-1.5) vs Minnesota
  4. Indiana at Cincinnati (-15.5)
  5. Rutgers vs Iowa (-7.5)
  6. Ohio State (-18) vs Wisconsin
  7. Northwestern (-6.5) vs Miami-Hydroxide
  8. Purdue (-20) vs FAU


  1. Brown (ILL) 2+ rushing TDs (Thursday, 7:30PM)
  2. McCarthy (MI) more passing yards than Tagovailoa (MD) (NO PUSH)
  3. Clifford (PSU) 3+ total TDs
  4. Thorne (MSU) fewer INTs than Morgan (MN) OR PUSH
  5. Indiana more FGs than TDs OR PUSH
  6. Korsak (RU) higher PISS than Taylor (IA) (NO PUSH) (but a push is, like, impossible)
  7. Stroud (OSU) more passing yards than UW total yards (NO PUSH)
  8. Hull (NU) 2+ rushing TDs
  9. Jones (PU) 1+ TD

Oddities (events must involve a B1G team):

  1. East wins 2+ of 3 vs West
  2. Purdue, Northwestern, and Illinois all win
  3. Indiana and Penn State win
  4. Iowa-Rutgers total for fewer points than every other game
  5. Anyone records a safety
  6. A game is decided on a last minute field goal

Random games:

  1. Virginia Tech vs West Virginia (Thursday, 6:30PM)
  2. Georgia State vs Coastal Carolina (Thursday, 6:30PM)
  3. Iowa State vs Baylor
  4. SMU vs TCU
  5. Eastern Michigan vs Buffalo
  6. Texas Tech vs Texas
  7. North Carolina vs Notre Dame
  8. San Diego State vs Toledo
  9. Old Dominion vs Arkansas State
  10. Texas A&M vs Arkansas
  11. Utah State vs UNLV
  12. New Mexico State vs Hawaii
  13. San Jose State vs Western Michigan


  1. Michigan vs Maryland, O/U 62
  2. Penn State vs Central Michigan, O/U 60.5
  3. Michigan State vs Minnesota, O/U 51
  4. Indiana at Cincinnati, O/U 54
  5. Rutgers vs Iowa, O/U 35.5
  6. Ohio State vs Wisconsin, O/U 56.5
  7. Northwestern vs Miami-Hydroxide, O/U 50.5
  8. Purdue vs FAU, O/U 60.5

Let me know if you have any ideas on how to better take answers. If I do a Google Form, you won’t be able to see your boards. If I do any sort of board generator, your boards will be randomized, and/or you will have to upload a photo here, which I don’t want to make you do. I do want to work on shorthand, so every pick has a number, and you need only write the category, number, and pick (i.e., S3Y, R2CCU). The favorite covering is “yes,” and the underdog covering is “no.”

My board for this week:

S2Y, S4N, S1Y, S5N, S7Y

P2N, P6N, P3Y, P1Y, P7N

O3N, O4Y, FREE, O2Y, O1Y


T6O, T5U, T4U, T3O, T1O