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Michigan State Football Indicted On Fraud Charges, Purdue Collapses Again: Big Ten Football Week 3 Recap

Indiana lives a charmed life, while Nebraska still needs a coach

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, I know what you’re really here for.

Don’t worry, we spend plenty of time discussing Ohio State, Michigan and Minnesota picking apart cupcakes to move to 3-0. Doesn’t it feel like UConn and New Mexico State have played 20 games a piece this season?

With that addressed, we have some narrow escapes and some...failures to escape to discuss

  • Is Maryland actually balanced on offense this time, or are they just pretending they are because SMU Mustangs afforded them the opportunity?
  • Should Indiana save some of this luck for some teams that are actually good?
  • Hello, Purdue. Why did you do the things that you did?
  • Is “don’t defend the pass” a viable long-term strategy for Mel Tucker’s Spartans program?
  • Why does Pat Fitzgerald insist on having Northwestern lose every September game?
  • Isn’t Auburn just so gosh darn glad to be rid of Gus Malzahn?
  • We discuss the Nebraska head coach vacancy!