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Where, When, Why, How and On What TV Channel Does Ohio State Football Play Wisconsin?

(spoiler alert 7:30PM ET on ABC, pls listen to our podcast)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 02 Big 10 Championship Game - Ohio State v Wisconsin
Scenes from an Ohio State footballing contest against Wisconsin
Photo by Jason Mowry/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

7:30 PM Eastern Time on ABC

is the time and channel you need to find the Ohio State football game against Wisconsin.

Where: Ohio Stadium, which is not where Ohio plays

When: 7:30 PM Eastern, or 6:30 Central. Relative to the Iowa - Rutgers game, it starts 30 minutes later than that one.

Why: When this schedule was first put together, it was assumed that Wisconsin would continue to be the Big Ten West representative in the Big Ten Championship Game in perpetuity. This wasn’t exactly a horrible assumption, but it’s not very clear-cut this year.

How: Our podcast, embedded below, has more details, but in a word...successfully? If Ohio State finds themselves losing this kind of game against a team that plays this style with regularity, the Ryan Day era is functionally over.

On What TV Channel: ABC

This is arguably the least interesting game of the Big Ten slate, as Michigan State hosts Minnesota in what’s sure to be a random number generator, Michigan looks to end the fun part of Maryland season, and...something is happening in Piscataway.