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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 4

Prepare your bodies for the Punt Off in Piscataway

Happy Friday, nerds. Who’s ready for the Punt Off in Piscataway? It’s your favorite segment where we talk about the beverages and shenanigans we’ll be getting into while we yell at a bunch of 20-year-olds on the tv.

Ok that’s enough setup. Let’s see what everyone is doing tomorrow:


I owe a lot of favors after galivanting off to Austin to drink with my friends last weekend, so I will be back home watching the twins alone all day. We’ll probably go to the farmer’s market for coffee and breakfast burritos before going home to watch soccer and football for as long as I can, but at some point they’re going to get mad and make me take them to a park or grandma’s house or something. Eventually they’re going to fall asleep and I’m going to drink some assorted IPAs I have lying around along with some Labatt Blue, which I’m really craving for some reason.


I will be in Cincinnati, specifically Nippert Stadium hopefully enjoying myself. The beer will be whatever is available on tap and whatever is being given out in the parking lots of UC.


Flying from Houston to Cincinnati via Atlanta. Will get home in time for the Purdue game and I think I have some whiskey to enjoy.


I’m quite possibly going to be in New York this weekend —visiting family and friends, and also a former co-worker/current friend has a book release, which I want to be there for.

Green Akers

I’ll be in East Lansing for this edition of the Honeycrispisdishclash, probably keeping it dry but it also sure does look like brown ale SZN will be officially underway so we’ll see about that.


Where else could I be on a work night?

Good ol’ My Couch, Royal Oak. I’m probably gonna use this occasion to tap my last Modales chambourcin, as I’ll be able to get some next week. Beautiful little winery in southwest Michigan that produces, among many other delicious drinks, the humble chambourcin.

It just so happens that this rich red wine grows best in the Big Ten footprint. Places like Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland…it’s a truly fantastic French-American hybrid with a huge and decadent flavor profile.

Maximum Sam

I will be in Westerville enjoying the crispy fall air, smoking ribs, and enjoying the fact that my family will be going to King’s Island or somewhere without me. Fall is here and it will be glorious.

Jesse Collins

At home, enjoying a weekend without Nebraska getting beaten down, probably enjoying some yard work and smoking some ribs.


My wife and I will be in Evanston on Saturday night. I’ll pick up an local ipa to drink in the parking lot beforehand. It won’t be enough to make up for shitty football.


Enjoying the gorgeous cooler temps, and looking forward to only thinking about the volleyball team rather than the football team.


I’ll be in lovely Downtown Lincoln, enjoying a loss-free Saturday!


I’ll be in greater metropolitan Denver, getting my first data on that great question: Is Michigan overrated, or is Michigan WAY overrated?


I’ll be out and about in Charlotte most of the early part of the day. Or maybe in Concord? When does wisconsin even start losing to Ohio state, like 7?Also I have one tall boy NoDa Brewing pumpkin beer left that I couldn’t finish before wisconsin lost to wazzu, so I guess that.


I’ve been talked out of going to East Lansing, so instead I’ll be watching the game from suburban St. Paul before heading to First Ave to watch Jason Isbell.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be home in Los Angeles this weekend. Looking forward to watching my alma maters Michigan and USC face their first respective tests of the season.

He Was a HS QB

I’m in Mankato Minnesota drinking Grain Belt in my orange chair tonight.


I will be fighting with my kids to eat their dinners after making each one something personalized. They’ll complain about football and I’ll just give up and watch the game on delay after they’re in bed.


I’ll be home. Maybe in the backyard, having a bonfire. If I’m lucky. Beers will be whatever I can sneak when I’m not the one calming a fussy baby — likely going to be some Jacktoberfest from Jack Pine Brewing in Baxter, MN, though I might stop by Little Falls’s Starry Eyed Brewing when I’m on my way home tomorrow.

That’s your “writers” this week, now head to the comments and let us know how you’re celebrating the biggest punting matchup of the century.