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How, Why, What, When, Where, Which, Whose to Watch Minnesota-Michigan State Football

A football game is happening between Minnesota and Michigan State. Here’s the important information.

John Meore/The Journal News / USA TODAY NETWORK

Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Michigan State Spartans

  • Where: 42°43′41″N 84°29′5″W Spartan Stadium, 325 W Shaw Lane, East Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan, United States of America, North America, The Back of a Turtle if You Believe the Ojibwe (and MNW does), Earf, Space.
  • When: 2:30 PM GTZ 2 Vendémiaire CCXXXI
  • What: A contest of American football between a pair of schools from the Big Ten Conference, a confederation of institutions of higher learning in the Midwest founded in 1896.
  • Who: I already told you this.
  • Why: Because the conference randomly assigns crossover games between the East and West divisions, and Minnesota and Michigan State have not played for a few years.
  • Can I lose money watching this game? YOU BETCHA! If you believe Minnesota will win by 3.0 points or more, you can bet on that! And it’s possible to win by 3.0 points, so you could have a push...I’m starting to think Las Vegas wants to make money off you! People also seem to think there will be around a total of 50.5 points scored in this game. You can pick either side of that line and lose money, probably.
  • TV/Streaming/Watch: Big Ten Network. Big Ten Plus, or BTN+, or B1G+, or whatever it’s called these days. You can probably get Big Ten Network on most streaming services. MNW doesn’t get paid for linking to them here, but I bet you can find one.