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Minnesota Football Controls The Big Ten West Title Race: Week 4 Recap Podcast

Mostly because the rest of them have already screwed it up

Colorado v Minnesota
just stick around until you get one
Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Let’s look at the Big Ten West, shall we?

  • Nebraska.... well, they’ve had more coach firings than wins so far
  • Northwestern just dropped to 1-3 but not in a way that makes you think they can still sweep the division
  • Purdue barely survived FAU after blowing two games in spectacular fashion
  • Iowa has no offense and scoring defensive touchdowns on Rutgers doesn’t change that
  • Wisconsin Badgers looks kind of like a pale imitation of what they’ve been under Paul Chryst after being shredded by Ohio State and stifled by Washington State
  • Illinois is Illinois and blew their shot at staying 4-0 at Indiana

That leaves Minnesota, who is 4-0.

Is it safe to say that given these conditions anything less than a conference title game appearance is a massive disappointment for PJ Fleck’s crew?

We discuss this and much more, including Michigan State being fundamentally broken, Michigan getting all they could handle from Maryland, and Penn State doing...normal things, I suppose?

i would also like to issue a correction: Northern Illinois did NOT have a Lombardi Party at Kentucky, as Rocky was hurt and couldn’t play.