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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 5

Come see which “writers” are celebrating the triumphant return of pumpkin beer season

Welcome to Where We Be, What We Be Drinking, the weekly segment where we chat about the brews and bites we’ll be having for game day.

Nobody reads this intro part anyway, so let’s go around the country and see what everyone is doing tomorrow:


I had to give my tickets to the Iowa-Michigan game to my buddy and his wife due to a fall wedding. My plans are to tailgate with some friends before the game, then go home at kickoff and go to the wedding. Drinks will be whatever the open bar has, food will be wedding cake, and to be honest the reception will almost certainly be more fun that what’s going to happen to the Hawkeyes tomorrow.


I’ll be in Charlotte weathering the hurricane after it cruises through the rest of the South, probably drinking something with “pumpkin” in the title and deciding whether I want to engage in the extremely cathartic task of pressure washing my siding or watching Wisconsin struggle against Illinois. Or both maybe!


I’ll be in northwestern wisconsin, doing my best to pretend a Northwestern game isn’t happening but then probably watching it because it’s on ABC and that means I can watch it with the cabin antenna finding it on an ESPN feed that’ll cut out 30 times because the internet up there sucks and I’m a glutton for punishment.

Drinks will likely be some spiced apple cider that may or may not have a little cinnamon whiskey in it, then Oktoberfest beers I’ve kind of started accumulating. Perhaps some Round Man Brewing goods, if the wife lets me stop on our way through Spooner.


I will be all over Minnesota, including but not limited to a soccer match, the Historic Gopher Football stadium for the game with Purdue, and my Grandma’s 90th birthday party in Central MN. I will be drinking Ultra Sunrise Monster Zero (probably 2-3 cans), some Irish Coffee, and whatever my mom gets for kegs for the party that I’ll drinking directly from a pitcher. I’ve made my proposal for Grain Belt, now we just wait to see if they successfully follow through for me.

Jesse Colllins

Oh. We are doing the football again. We didn’t just cancel the season during the Bye week? Cool... Well, I’m going to be at home again enjoying Fall Texas weather (not 100 but also probably 80+) and hoping Nebraska can be competent this week. Jury is out.


I’ll be back at home, looking to see if the prophecy will be fulfilled.


I’ll be in the NE corner of Florida, cleaning up after Hurricane Ian.


I will be in the lovely town of Angola, Indiana catching up with friends. Most likely we’ll go hard in the paint Friday meaning Saturday will be Tums and Water with perhaps a late lite college beer.


I’ll be at home, watching a disaster of a football game. Before that, my dad and I are going to Home Depot and he’s going to help me with my house. I’m looking forward to that more than football.

Green Akers

Home this weekend, following suit LPW and ready to abandon the television should the cause go ill.


Back in Cincinnati at last! Grateful that I have left the horror zone that is Texas, I will mourn that I missed Oktoberfest Zinzinnati by drinking some Oktoberfest beers. Brand to be selected at Jungle Jims on Friday.


I don’t have any firm plans— I am kind of thinking of having a girls’ movie night (“Ten Things I Hate About You”) if I can be arsed enough to clean my house. If I choose slobism and being anti-social, I guess I’ll watch Nebraska lose to Indiana. Neat!

Maximum Sam

I’ll be in Portsmouth, Ohio at the world famous Sorghum Festival. Eating (drinking?) sorghum.


I still don’t know if we’re going to the game. Probably not due to lack of childcare. So likely at home dealing with children complaining about football.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Los Angeles. Kicking of the day watching the rematch of last season’s Big Ten title game - but with an eye on the match-up in Minnesota.I don’t anticipate sampling any sorghum this weekend.


I will be somewhere around South Haven, MI. I’ll be drinking on some cider and/or mead from some of the local establishments and enjoying the fall weather.


Per usual I’ll be at the casa in north metro-Denver. I’ll be drinking Iced Tea while I manage my stress levels by studiously avoiding Michigan/Iowa.

Dead Read

In beautiful downtown Lincoln, doing whatever it is I usually do.

Now that you know what your “writers” are doing tomorrow, it’s time to head down to the comments and share your game day plans. Go on!