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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 2

It’s almost the weekend, let’s daydream about tailgating tomorrow

Happy Friday, it’s Where We Be, What We Be Drinking. We’ve got a bunch of football games this weekend, and also El Assico, so let’s get to it:


Like a true sicko, I will be at El Assico tomorrow. I was going to stick to light beer given that a later kickoff means a lot more tailgating, but after seeing the offense last week I will probably have to up the ante a bit to Dale’s Pale Ale. I’m not sure what we’re eating at the tailgate, so I might pick up a big ass turkey leg on the way there.


This week for the first time in two seasons I’ll be back in Evanston, watching Northwestern take on Duke! I’ll have a revolution brewing beer or two with my dad in the Ryan Field west parking lot before the game.


It’s a kid free weekend, so I’ll be enjoying a cold seltzer and some warm coffee as I watch Penn State put Drew Allar in for the entire second half. Hopefully.


I will be packing up the Komodo kids, putting Mrs. Komodo on the hood, and hauling ass down 65 to Gulf Shores, AL. Hopefully we’re there before noon games kick off, but I’m not sure if I’ll be awake for much of the games. I’ll be attempting to grab a local brew or two at some point in the day.


At home alone, because the ‘vid finally got me. Drinking lots of water to hydrate!

Green Akers

Going to this one, so I’ll be tailgating at some as-yet-undetermined spot in East Lansing even though everything about how MSU runs tailgating grinds my gears. Forecast is for mid-80s so I’m thinking one last hurrah for wheat ale szn before the pivot to marzens and brown ales.

Jesse Collins

I’m definitely going to be in the air from LA during the game. My best guess is I’ll be somewhere over New Mexico when kickoff happens, and uh, that’s probably better than last week’s Oatmeal Fest.

Kind Of...

I’m going to be in Madison drinking whatever anybody hands me (not indiscriminately, just as in I’m not going to be too picky!), hoping that UW’s secondary has made some strides in practice this week.


I’m going to be at the historic Gopher Football Stadium without children in tow (one of two home games I get that blessing this fall), and I plan on consuming a Grain Belt or 12.


I think I’m actually going to be home this weekend and will actually be watching some football! Drinks will likely include water and maybe some fall/pumpkin something as it’s almost that time.


Home! Couch! Newborn!...but this weekend we might actually have fun planned now that kid will have (hopefully) hit her birth weight, allowing Mom to drink. If that’s the case, we have a sixer of Moon Man (of which Mrs. MNW will have .5 and I’ll have 5.5) and that Due Date I swore I’d drink last week. If things go tits-up, I’ll have to switch to Gatorade because rage-drinking with a newborn in the house seems like a bad idea.OK Google, set a reminder to buy Gatorade.


In sunny Westerville, Ohio, laying on the couch and yelling at my kids to fetch me things from the beer fridge. Probably a Sam Adams Oktoberfest.

Dead Read

Beautiful Downtown Lincoln, doing what I always do.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Los Angeles again this weekend … again trying to beat the heat.


In Cincinnati, drinking some type of Oktoberfest beer.

That’s it for the “writers”, now head to the comments and let us know how you’ll be spending game day.