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Are Big Ten Refs Too Soft on Zach Edey

An OTE Afternoon Discussion

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Michigan State
That’s All Ball in Zach Edey’s Big Ten
Dale Young-USA TODAY Sports

MaximumSam: Let’s set the scene. In Purdue’s 1 point win over Michigan State, there was a sequence in the first half where Zach Edey kind of muscled Mady Sissoko out of the way and got a rebound. Sissoko’s arm got caught inside of Edey’s, and then Edey swung him around like a rodeo clown, leading to a foul called on Sissoko. Or just watch.

RU in VA: Sweet sweet tears from The Only Colors:

The Big Ten Needs to Review How it Calls Fouls On Zach Edey, and Potentially All True Big Men

During Purdue’s one point victory over MSU, 7’4” center Zach Edey threw Spartan center Mady Sissoko to the ground. The announcers cheered and the refs called Sissoko for the foul. A change is needed.

misdreavus79: Tears are fun, but there’s a point to be made about, like, if you literally swing someone like a rag doll and throw them to the ground, it should be a foul?

BoilerUp89: So the refs missed that call. Partially because they didn’t call a foul on Sissoko quickly and stop the play before Edey discarded him. Edey should have still gotten a foul there. In general the vast conspiracy about Edey not getting called for fouls that I’m seeing from Spartyverse is dumb. Most games Edey doesn’t foul a lot. He should have picked up a foul there, but expecting there to be like 4 missing fouls a game because of this play or his height is dumb

misdreavus79: This is a reasonable take. Yes, that one was egregious, but when you’re almost as tall as a street lamp, there’s only so much you can do…which is why I suggest he take a leave of absence from January 31st to February 2nd.

BoilerUp89: I wouldn’t even have a problem calling a flagrant on Edey there

Well, I know when our home game v PSU is now.

RU in VA: There’s also another point to be made - your center should not put up 0 points get get thrown around like a rag doll. Izzo decided to 1v1 on Edey and got smoked. Live and move on.

misdreavus79: I don’t know what scoring zero points has to do with being thrown around like a rag doll.

RU in VA: I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there’s a strong correlation between MSU’s centers combining for 2 points, and the complaints about both “that” play and Edey getting preferential treatment. Sissoko is not new here, and Edey is not some malicious player, a la Paul Mulcahy.

If Sissoko has 12 points, and MSU wins by 4 - that article doesn’t see the light of day.

misdreavus79: Well if Sissoko had 12 points they’d have won by 11, but I get your point.

And sure, complaints are louder after losses, but, like, if someone threw Edey around the way he threw Sissoko, it’s still a flagrant. I don’t see how this is controversial.

BoilerUp89: MSU fans probably aren’t complaining about Edey having 0 or 1 fouls is Sissoko scores any points. Because Sissoko isn’t taking shots, other than the flagrant shown above Edey isn’t committing fouls. There’s no issue saying Edey should have been called for a flagrant on this play. The issue is stating that Edey should be getting a lot of fouls called on him using this play and only this play as evidence. Nevermind that Sparty didn’t play thru the post at all. Izzo was mad that Edey is allowed to post up on offense and thinks he should get called for fouling so the Spartan fanbase is parroting that take.

misdreavus79: I mean Izzo thinks looking at his guys should result in a foul so there’s that.

andrewkosciuszko: I haven’t read TOC much since they changed staff again (I give maybe give it the end of the year before SBN axes that site, too) but nothing I’ve seen so far makes me think any of them are Ball Knowers but come on guys.

If Sissoko does that to Edey, you’re calling for his arrest

BoilerUp89: As I said above, the refs missed the flagrant call on Edey

andrewkosciuszko: And the foul was on Mady! That’s pretty fuckin ridiculous! Also, if Sissoko isn’t called for two extremely dubious fouls, he may well play enough minutes to attempt a couple of shots.

Having not watched the game, I’m not here to say the refs decided it, but missing a flagrant is missing 2 FTs and possession in what became a one-point game. Let’s not pretend it doesn’t matter

misdreavus79: And I couldn’t tell you if Edey should get called for more fouls or not. I have only seen him play in 5 or 6 games. But there’s a world where him getting called for no fouls and him fouling out every game aren’t the only two options?

andrewkosciuszko: Anyway, what I’m saying is Boilers have no license to bitch the rest of the year

BoilerUp89: No license at all?

andrewkosciuszko: Courtney Green is allowed to red card Edey on the opening tip and you can’t say dick about it


andrewkosciuszko: You got that call on the road! In allegedly-unfair Breslin!

A fantastic clip in which you can’t see anything lol

BoilerUp89: Watch Newman. Not that I’m complaining. Refs miss stuff. And are bad at their job. I’ve seen worse crews than yesterday’s. Seen better ones too

andrewkosciuszko: Yeah, looks like they missed a flop warning. Dude reacts like he’s been shot.

Anyway if you have any other Zapruder clips that you think equate to Edey trying to Chewbacca Sissoko’s arm off and DRAWING A CALL for his trouble, all it amounts to is I think of us except maybe Cory agree the incompetent officiating is increasingly out of place in an industry with such massive resources and stakes involved

We can pay to train and employ full-time professional refs, we really truly can, and probably get a better product

BoilerUp89: Oh I don’t think it equates at all. But I find the clip funny and wanted to share. And agreed. Fire Courtney Green and hire full time professionals.

misdreavus79: All this technology, and we still rely on humans to do all of this.

andrewkosciuszko: Well, we probably have to make him the chief in charge of hiring. Need somebody who knows where all the ref locker rooms are and so forth.

RU in VA: This is a feature, not a bug. leftover from the ESPN “embrace debate” era.

MaximumSam: All I can say is it should have been a play on. Must have balls to get loose balls.