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Big Ten Football Bowl Season Roundup & National Title Preview Podcast


Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch
Images That Precede Unfortunate Events
Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Holy balls, it’s the end of college football season!

No Big Ten teams will be involved in tonight’s national title game, since Michigan and Ohio State took different but equally dramatic pathways to defeat.

Of course, several bowl games happened after those two teams played, so those will get the headlining spots. If we know anything about college football traditions, it’s this: the later your bowl game, the more important it is.

So we’ll go through the Big Ten’s bowl slate, mix in the latest transfer and coaching news and more importantly why that news is Not As Good For Your Team As You Want To Believe It Is, and eventually wind up discussing what happened to the teams that DIDN’T make bowl games! They’re doing stuff too, you know! Some of them are poaching the offensive coordinator from a nine win team in the same conference!

Okay, I tried something with the audio and it didn’t work so this one doesn’t sound good either. I promise we’re not recording another one of these until I find a permanent solution.