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Sunday Night Mailbag Call: Who wore it best?

Virginia v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Watching Sunday Night Football* between the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs, I was struck once again by the contrasts between Jets coach Robert Saleh and Chiefs head man Andy Reid:

Reid has the disadvantage, here, of being a more portly gentleman on the best of days, which will always stand in stark contrast to Saleh, a former tight end who has clearly stayed in shape since his schooling days in the Yooper Dome.
* You would have thought, based on the first five minutes, that it was just a show about Taylor Swift. What are we doing as a society?

I was going to try and catalog/categorize our Big Ten coaches with pictures, but our Chorus editor is so annoying to insert images into and this is such a skim-over article, it really doesn’t matter.

The Huskies

  • Bret Bielema
  • Mike Locksley
  • Matt Rhule

The Just Give It Up Alreadys

  • Ryan Day
  • Tom Allen

The Old Men

  • Kirk Ferentz
  • Jim Harbaugh
  • James Franklin
  • Greg Schiano
  • Harlon Barnett?

Corollary: Old Men Who Want You to Know They’re Not Trying Hard

  • PJ Fleck

The Xtra Smediums

  • Ryan Walters

The Xtra Smedium Vests

  • Luke Fickell
  • David Braun

Leave us your Big Ten-, football-, or life-related questions in the comments. We’ll pick them by Tuesday night and get you some answers on Thursday.