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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 7

Come find out which team will be letting Thump down this week

Happy Friday, football nerds. Let’s get right into it:


Tomorrow morning I’m taking the kids ice skating, after which I honestly have no idea how the rest of the day will go. I’ll probably pick up some Gumballhead and Hamm’s and make some chili, then consume all of those things on my couch while watching football.

The real fun comes on Sunday, when the women’s basketball team plays DePaul in Kinnick Stadium in front of 70k+ fans. I’m bringing the twins, they’ll probably eat their weight in popcorn. I’m just going to eat whatever my fellow tailgaters are cooking.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in the Great Lake State this weekend. I’ll be in Ann Arbor Saturday, making my way to the Big House for the first time this season. Hoping the rain holds off, but rain or shine, I’m looking forward to the weekend and being back home.


No football for me or the Huskers! A chili cook-off at mid-day, my nephew’s 7th birthday party in the afternoon (bowling!), and Nebraska-PSU volleyball at night. Should be an excellent Saturday, and I don’t anticipate the Husker’s attempts at football being missed.


I’ll be missing the game this week to watch a Brett Goldstein show, hopefully I don’t miss much drama!


I’ll be in suburban St. Paul playing birthday party games and not-so-subtly helping a 3-year old dominate his family and friends in as many of them as possible. Jameson & Sprite will be consumed, and there will be zero fucks given about Gopher football because like the rest of the quadrangle of hate, they won’t be playing any football.


I’ll be in Minnesota again for most of Saturday to see all the B1G action, but on a plane back to London drinking champagne (sparkling wine) just in time to miss USC-Notre Dame. Like all good god-fearing people, I am hopeful that a wormhole will open and swallow both teams.

RU in VA

I unfortunately have a complete question mark of a schedule re: world events, so I’ll hopefully be at a soccer game closer to DC. No alcohol, but my unhealthy obsession with Wawa diet half and half (an arnold palmer) will continue. Along with Herrs fire-roasted popcorn.


I will be in Findlay, OH drinking my brother-in-law’s beer he owes me for not getting his house finished on time. Since it’s BFE out there, it’s likely Bud-Lite which sucks but it’s free beer so I’ll take it.


Back to Charlotte, NC or Rock Hill, SC again. This Rutgers - Michigan State game is my emotional hedge in the survivor pool as both fan bases think they will win. So I’ll be drinking whatever goes good with Tums, maybe some seltzer water? For the evening games we are meeting with some friends down from NY which probably means some swanky place where I will have a Red Bull and something before my hockey game. Then if all goes well, beer with teammates after which is usually LaBatt. Needless to say, punching in Sunday morning will be rough.


I’ll be live and on location at Maryland’s historic SECU Stadium to witness what will likely be an epic mollywhopping of the Illini by the Turtles. Concession beer and soft pretzels and cheese will be consumed.


Cincinnati, at home. Whiskey neat.

Dead Read

I will be in Lincoln. There is a marriage in the family. Appropriately, it is in a bye week. Our parents raised us right.


I’ll be in Hamtramck, Michigan at Historic Keyworth Stadium to watch the dreams of another dearly beloved team die right in front of me. Detroit City is one point behind THE Miami FC for the last playoff spot with one game remaining. Their opponent is first place Pittsburgh, whose supporters made an early impression with us last year by denigrating our historic neighborhood on social media. I’m excited to see Dario Suarez, for whom we traded in the middle of the season, ride the fucking bench as hope slips away.

Before the game, we’re gonna have to drink this bottle of traditional mead from Great Mead Hall in Bangor, MI. I visited this lovely little place just over a year ago with my family. We’d spent some time out in the sun on a beautiful fall day in the South Haven area and stopped by the GMH to check out their wares, not knowing they had an axe throwing range inside. That was a hell of a diversion! This was our last stop before grabbing dinner and setting up cornhole on the lawn of the place we were staying. Illinois had made a name for themselves by dominating Wisconsin on the road. The late afternoon sunlight was golden as though viewed through honey. I was about to start a new job that I hoped would give me new purpose after my automotive career kind of stagnated. It was a more hopeful time.


Bye week! As of yesterday, the wife has a continuing ed class, so I will have the kiddo on my own all morning and into the early afternoon. Might go to the zoo or something fun.

That night, though, the wife and I are going to reprise our yearly Oktoberfest tradition, if a little later than usual: We do brats and kraut, usually käsespätzle, and a big pretzel to split. All of it washed down with a great collection of local Oktoberfest beers that we’ll grab from Ombibulous in Minneapolis. Twin Cities folks, if you want to shop local and support local breweries, you cannot do much better than this little converted gas station on Hennepin and 280. Phenomenal single-can and full-pack stuff from only in-state breweries. Pictures next week in DWT;WT!

All right all right, now let us know what you’re eating and drinking tomorrow. To the comments you go!