The Ferentz Line Report (Week 8)

We all know that Kirk and Brian have absolutely no interest in crossing the Ferentz Line, contracts be damned. At this point, it’s really just about how big of a middle finger can the Ferentzi give to their AD, their fans, and the greater college football viewing public. Let’s see just how ugly they can make this thing.

Week Eight:

We finished 3-9 against the line this week. Not quite as bad as Week 6 (2-9), but still pretty grim. This was a week that had us describing Rutgers as an offensive powerhouse in the gamethreads, for punt’s sake. For the first time in three weeks, Michigan failed to double up the line.

Maryland and Purdue had byes this week.

49 Michigan
31 Rutgers
25 Wisconsin
21 Illinois
20 Ohio State
17 Nebraska
14 Indiana
12 Minnesota
12 Penn State
10 Iowa
9 Northwestern
0 Michigan State


We’re still 6-8 against the season line. Rutgers and Wisconsin were the only teams this week in danger of falling below the line, but they both kept their heads above water. Everyone who was below the season line coming into the day stayed there.

Penn State had been our PPG leader all season, but OSU held them to 12, while Michigan took out their frustrations on Sparty. The Wolverines are now in first place at 40.6 PPG.

Indiana remains in last place in terms of PPG.

40.6 (325/8) Michigan
39.7 (278/7) Penn State
33.7 (236/7) Ohio State
33.4 (234/7) Maryland
28.1 (225/8) Rutgers
26.9 (188/7) Wisconsin
23.0 (161/7) Purdue
20.4 (163/8) Illinois
20.3 (142/7) Minnesota
20.1 (141/7) Northwestern
19.5 (156/8) Iowa
18.9 (132/7) Michigan State
18.7 (131/7) Nebraska
17.9 (125/7) Indiana

Record Against the Line:

For the first time all season, Penn State failed to cross the Ferentz Line. I guess the Buckeyes are just a little bit better at this defense thing than the teams PSU has been beating up on so far this season. Michigan is now the only team with a perfect record (8-0) against the Line.

8-0 Michigan
6-1 Penn State
5-2 Maryland
5-3 Rutgers
4-3 Ohio State
4-3 Wisconsin
3-4 Minnesota
2-5 Indiana
2-5 Michigan State
2-5 Nebraska
2-5 Northwestern
2-5 Purdue
2-6 Illinois
2-6 Iowa

Who's Safe?

To hit the 25 PPG mark, you need at least 300 points in a 12-game season, 325 in a 13-game season, 350 in a 14-game season, and 375 in a 15-game season.

Michigan is the first team to reach a safe threshold. Not only did they cross 300 today, they made it all the way to 325, so they’re safe for a 13-game season. Nobody else is safe yet, but Penn State’s close.

What Are the Ferentzi Really Up To?

It took me until Week 7 to figure it out, but I finally know what the Ferentzi are after. Although 2021 Iowa came close, only one B1G West champion has ever made it to Indianapolis without crossing the Ferentz Line: the 2018 Northwestern Wildcats, led by Pat Fitzgerald, Mike Hankwitz, and Mick McCall.

Of course, trying to out-Ferentz Fitz/Hank/McCall is dangerous. If you keep relying on defense and special teams to save you, you’ll eventually have a game-winning punt return touchdown called back for an illegal fair catch signal. The Hawkeyes may yet win the West with Ferentzball, but they have to remember to actually, you know, win games.

2014 Wisconsin (450/12; 37.5 PPG)
2019 Wisconsin (429/12; 35.8 PPG)
2017 Wisconsin (418/12; 34.8 PPG)
2015 Iowa (404/12; 33.7 PPG)
2016 Wisconsin (342/12; 28.5 PPG)
2022 Purdue (341/12; 28.4 PPG)
2021 Iowa (308/12; 25.7 PPG)
2020 Northwestern (177/7; 25.3 PPG)
2018 Northwestern (284/12; 23.7 PPG)

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