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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 9

This week we’re drinking to celebrate the arrival of sweatshirt weather

Happy Friday! It’s Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: The weekly segment where you all know the drill already so let’s get to it!


I’ve got the mercy of an Iowa bye week, so I’m taking the family to lovely Galena, IL for pumpkin beers and Halloween festivities. No idea what our plans for food are, we’re swinging through wisconsin on the way so drinks will be an assortment of New Glarus and whatever Galena Brewing Company is pouring. In lieu of Iowa Football I’ll be making my family watch the 1988 remake of The Blob - one of the greatest movies ever filmed IMHO.


Cincinnati. Lite beer. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and avoiding watching the Indiana game but will probably have live stats up or stream it on my phone whilst the kids nap.


I will be drinking whiskey. Straight. In Cincinnati again probably hanging out with my sister’s family


I’ll be in my future Big Ten team USC office finishing my dissertation that is due in 6 days wishing I was drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Vodka dreams. But that’s for after this hell is over.


I have an opportunity to go to the game on Saturday, but it’s supposed to be 32 degrees and snowy... and I don’t know that Nebraska-Purdue is worthy of that level of devotion. I might go in for volleyball that night, in which case, I’ll probably be shopping in utter peace at Trader Joe’s during the game. (Good luck, Zuzu! You can do it!)


Same place I am every weekend, Pinky. In my basement, drinking iced tea, and trying to take over the world!


I’ll be at home, doing some trick or treating with my wife and kid and drinking some locally brewed pumpkin beers.


Bye week for Illinois, but the song remains the same: Ohio State game with OhioOtter and my father-in-law and our collection of dogs, plus the ever-present accumulation of leftover wedding beer and whiskey.


Originally the wife had coffee plans with some former co-workers that would’ve seen her come home in time to take the kiddo off my hands, but those appear to be canceled. So now I’ll likely try to sneak away and sulk in peace in the basement. We have a costume party in Northeast, so maybe just a Mich Golden Light for the game. But later in the evening? Fair State. YUM.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in hiding this weekend. Somewhere in western Michigan (Grand Rapids).


As it turns out, the activities didn’t stop! I’m going to a birthday party during the game so there’s that.

All right, let’s hear it: where you gonna be and what are you drinking tomorrow?