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Around the Empire: October 3, 2023

News and links from across Big Ten country

NCAA Football: Indiana at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend, I finally honored the sole “requirement” of OTE writers by not watching a single B1G game. Ms. OhioOtter and I celebrated our one-year anniversary with a belated wedding reception! We ate too much food and drank too much whiskey, and I also entirely avoided watching a second of the blowout Illini loss in the Cannon game. It was a wonderful weekend.

All that said, I had a lot to catch up on at the AtE desk this week. Here’s what you might have missed and what I completely ignored from around the Big Ten this weekend.

From Off Tackle Empire:

  • Don’t forget to get your choices in for Survivor and for the ATS picks games. Everyone, please thank Green 96 and Ziowa09 for running those!

Basketball season approaches!

Beyond the Empire:

Have a good week, all. It’s almost Saturday.