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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 6

Hello everyone, welcome back to Where We Be, What We Be Drinking. My apologies for missing out on last week. Me and my entire family came down with COVID and I was unable to find the time or energy to put it together, but we’re BACK! Let’s get to it.


Tonight I’m taking the kids to the homecoming parade, tomorrow I’ll be pounding Boomtowns and watching Iowa in person at Kinnick Stadium. Food will be whatever tailgate vittles I can scrounge from someone. Lat week I met Green Akers for a socially distanced beer trade so after the game I’ll probably sip some Right Brain and watch football at home.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Minneapolis this weekend, watching the battle for the Little Brown Jug. Looking forward to my first trip to Minnesota’s not-so-new Huntington Bank Stadium and to spending the weekend in the Twin Cities. As for what I’ll be drinking, any local brews I should know about?


Waldwick, New Jersey. I will be on a plane then train with my son en route to his uncle’s aka my 10 year old brother’s birthday party. As soon as I get there, I will need a beer while trying to figure out how to get the Rutgers-Wisconsin game on Peacock at my parents house (assuming it’s still close). Most likely my dad will have a Yuengling or Molson Canadian, but maybe one of my other brothers show up with something local & crafty.


I’m scheduled to get a facial, and other assorted activities that one engages in when one’s team of choice is on a bye week. No apple picking this year though.


Man, I need to get a pedicure like a real sonofagun. That’s what I should be doing this weekend. Instead, it is my little brother’s bachelor party! We’ll be in the Northwoods of Minnesota, doing all sorts of things that will involve me and my brothers-in-law, all in our 30s, either keeping up with or marveling at the assembled 25- and 26-year-olds. That will include pickup basketball, tailgate games, a brewery crawl, and possibly daring the drunkest among us to jump in the lake. (Forecast is 45 and overcast.)We’ve got a number of Big Ten fandoms in attendance, so drinks will range from Grain Belt in honor of Minnesota and Busch Light in honor of Iowa to Malort that I, the best man, feel obligated to bring. Time to go fight some townies in the Northwoods.


I actually have a pretty clear weekend, and nice weather! Smart BRT would do Future BRT a solid, and get all kinds of caught up and prepped for the crazy weeks ahead with work and life stuff. Knowing BRT, she will probably not do that, and live to rue the day. I might start demo-ing my camper, which is a truly terrifying prospect, but perhaps Nebraska-Illinois will put me in a mood to destroy. Drinks wise, it does seem like a cider weekend. I’m out of my favorite, so will have to see what I can find in town.

Edit: Didn’t realize this was a Friday game. Doesn’t change much, except my Saturday just got even more free, woohoo.


Indiana is on bye, so I’m sure I’ll be at Kings Island during the morning rush, assuming the software isn’t down. If I’m home actually getting to watch fooseball, it’ll be a Modello or two for me.

RU in VA

It’s WAGS weekend (, so I’ll be running around Northern VA getting three kids to games. But there inevitably will be a restaurant/lunch/dinner in there somewhere - where I can make the strictly out of left field request to a bartender: “CAN YOU PUT THE RUTGERS WISCONSIN GAME ON, IT’S ON PEACOCK. NO, NOT COCK, PEACOCK. IT’S THE LIVE STREAMING SERVICE FROM COMCAST/NBC UNIVERSAL THAT HAS ENTERED INTO USAGE RIGHTS WITH BIG TEN GAMES. YEAH, ITS ONLY GOT LIKE 5 OF THEM ON THERE, I DUNNO. PLEASE CHANGE IT SO I CAN FORGET THIS CONVERSATION”.I have some New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin to work my way through, but it’s got chili powder in it so it’s as weird as you think it is.

He was a high school QB

I have some Atomic Pumpkin also. I might drink that somewhere in southern Minnesota.


Can you believe that until last week I was planning to go to this game? Do you know what that means? Had I gone through with it, I would have seen Illinois Football twice since I left my parents’ house after it became just my mom’s house. I’ve seen her zero times since then. I’m a bad person who’s getting what’s coming to me. Anyway, instead of seeing if Illinois can get a win to reach 8-16 against FBS teams in games I’ve been to since graduating, I’m going to be in Naperville. I’m not ditching my family for the fucking famILLy again.


in Cincinnati. Not sure what I’m drinking, but since Purdue plays Iowa I’m thinking about doing a shot for every Iowa offensive touchdown.


I plan to watch Illinois-Nebraska on Friday night, likely to the detriment of my happiness and sleep schedule. And then Buckeyes the next day with OhioOtter and my father-in-law (plus our collective pack of dogs). Drinking leftover wedding beer if things are good, drinking leftover wedding whiskey when things inevitably aren’t.

Alright bozos, head down to the comments and let us know what you’re doing tomorrow.