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Indiana Makes Rod Carey Highest Paid Offensive Coordinator in School History

At some point, I should really ask the question of, “am I the crazy one?”

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Get very use to this image.

In news that shocked me a little bit, Indiana released some contract details for the preliminary hiring of Rod Carey as its permanent offensive coordinator. Per the Indy-Star’s Zach Osterman (a fantastic follow on Twitter/X), Rod Carey is set to make $815,000 in yearly salary and become Indiana’s highest paid coordinator in history. Carey also has some kickers that could run him up past $1 million dollars in salary.

Contract Length

Per Osterman, Carey’s contract runs from October 2nd 2023 through December 31, 2025.


The payment for Carey will add up to $815,000 guaranteed yearly.

Bonus Payments

Carey will also receive a bunch of different kickers if he hits certain marks statistically for the offense. If the Hoosiers score 30 or more points across 60% of their games, Carey will make an extra $100,000. If the Hoosiers score 24 points in 60% of their games, Carey will receive $50,000. A top third finish in scoring offense would gain Carey $100,000 while a top half finish gains $50,000. A top third finish in redzone efficiency will net another $100,000, while a top half finish would net $50,000. If the team reaches 6 wins and goes bowling, Carey will receive $20,000. Other kickers don’t start until Indiana reaching the B1G championship game or college football playoff, so those were not listed in the article.

So in total, should the Indiana Hoosiers finish in the top 3rd in both offensive categories, score 30 points in 8 games, and go to a bowl, Rod Carey will finish with a bonus payment of $370,000 (if I did the math right, which is questionable).

In the Event of a Tom Allen and Co. Axing

Should Allen wish to part with another offensive coordinator, Indiana will owe Carey 100% of the remaining sum.

In the event of a firing of Tom Allen that results in the dismissal of Carey, Indiana would owe Carey 100% of remaining pay through June 30th. That’s lawyer speak, so I’m not certain what that means.


I am sad, mostly because my trust in Allen to find the right hires is completely 0. If Carey were an interim coach and then made full time at the end of the season, I’d say, “well I guess that’s all we can get, and at least he has coached winning football. Hell, his record as a head coach is better than Allen’s.” However, we’re doing this now, with no search, and I’m kinda shook and sad.

It could get better...or it could get worse. It seems to only be getting worse.

Anyway, on with your weekend.