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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 10

Come chat game day with us

Happy Friday and welcome to week 10: the tenth week! Some of you have fun weekends planned, some of us are doing the opposite of that and watching Rutgers vs Iowa, but all of us will be doing and eating things. Let’s go see what the things are!


I’m not sure what I’ll be eating, largely because I’ll be looking for someone else’s tailgate to crash, but I’ll be in Kinnick Stadium and I’ll be drinking Swarm ale. God help me, I can’t believe I’m voluntarily seeing this game in person.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be back in the sunnier climes of Southern California this weekend. Saturday, I’ll be firmly attached to my couch, watching Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff from Happy Valley.


I’ll be in West Lafayette, Indiana to watch the Boilermakers face off against the Gophers. Taking nephew #3 to his first Purdue football game. He’s a misguided Buckeyes fan like his dad, but he’s young enough that there’s hope for him. I will be drinking Coke or Dr. Pepper or something of that nature (dear marketing directors of soda companies, note that my loyalties can be bought and I promise to list your drink here whenever I’m not drinking alcohol - so like one week a year).


I’ll be at home, drinking some of the latest ipas I picked up from revolution brewing.


Up at the cabin, hiding out and celebrating the wife’s birthday with her and Wildkit. We plan to pick up some Trap Rock Brewing and Perlick Yeoman Vodka on the way through, and I’ll need all of it.


I’ll be in Cincinnati coming out of practice. If I feel able to drink anything, it’ll be something life with a hint of lime.


Honestly, not sure. Kind of over football, tbh. I have the option to go to the game, but don’t know that I care enough to get up at the hour an 11 am kickoff requires. Especially since after their performance last week, I think there’s a good chance they screw around and lose. Kind of sounds like I made my decision, huh?


Wasn’t planned this way, but my wife and her dad are heading west to see the Ohio State-Michigan State game in Columbus on the same weekend my mom is coming out east to visit. But my mom can roll, so we’re probably watching the Illini game at a bar.


Got an overdue car inspection in the morning, then coming home to watch Penn State make or break its season in the afternoon.


One of my old high school buddies is in our Queen City “Charlotte” (not Cincinnati), with his family this weekend. So he brought a few craft beers from some place in northern Virginia on the drive down. Hopefully we watch as many games as possible, but could be other activities like Amusement Park, go karts, etc. sprinkled in with whatever is served there.

That’s your “writers” for this week, what about the rest of you? Head down to the comments and let us know!