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The Filthiest Big Ten West Title Scenario: Week 11 Update

Shield your eyes

No, I’m not going to use that word. The joke has been thoroughly run into the ground to the point where it’s lost all meaning.

Instead, we will simply call the brand of pure unadulterated filth that we are about to discuss Big Ten West Football.

Big Ten West football is everywhere. It can happen in any conference at any level. But you know where it’s REALLY happening this year?

The Big Ten West.

This last relic of college football’s bygone days as a beacon of state and regional pride where the local kids go to become key contributors as redshirt seniors and coaching actually makes a difference is doing everything it can to fully live up to the bit in its final season before its members are fully integrated into a coast-to-coast conglomerate built by TV executives for the purpose of extracting every dollar possible out of Ryan from Danville.

There’s 150 words, so now I think we’ll show up in search results on DuckDuckGo (the only actual search engine left on the internet that isn’t just type-query-get-served-possibly-related-ads).

Without further ado, here’s the most perverted scenario imaginable.

Thirteen games to decide the season.

The compelling thing about this is how there’s not a single unreasonable result in there. It doesn’t need Minnesota to beat Ohio State or anything. Every one of those games is certainly plausible, although Purdue hasn’t shown much of a pulse against teams where half their coaching staff didn’t coach in 2022.

Anyway, let’s go out and make history.