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Sunday Morning Coming Down // Week 11

Cheater, cheater, Franklin beater

Ten B1G Things

  1. If the B1G really wanted to punish Michigan, they would have suspended James Franklin
  2. Sherron Moore without Connor Stalions in his ear: “Uh…run it, I guess?”
  3. ...yet he now has as many regular season head coaching wins against top-10 teams as James Franklin
  4. And the Oscar goes to...Sherron Moore for “Blubbering Post-Game Interview”
  5. The most noteworthy athletic feat in Happy Valley was 340-pound DT Kenneth Grant running down Kaytron Allen from behind
  6. For an even more impressive display of speed we need only look at how fast Michigan players & staff got up their own asses to play victim after getting caught cheating
  7. Marvin Harrison Jr. is the best player in college football right now and it’s not close
  8. Marv is now also the first receiver in OSU history with back-to-back 1,000-yd seasons
  9. If you think Harbaugh’s Michigan is a messy bitch, check out the B1G West
  10. Wisconsin must be using some weird Lutheran calendar that says the season is over
  11. Or maybe Northwestern stumbled into a decent coach...stranger things have happened
  12. The antidote to September Maryland Syndrome is a rock fight with a B1G West team
  13. B1G East teams playing like shit the week after a loss to OSU is oddly frequent
  14. From beating Iowa at home to losing to Purdue by 3 comes at you fast

The Rundown

Michigan at Penn State | PSU upgraded to “tough team, quality win”, 24-15

RMB: HAHAHAHAHA Suck it, Pettiti. This game was west-division ugly. A total of 134 passing yards. McCarthy only got 60 of those, but he did it on 8 attempts to Allar’s 22. Michigan attempted exactly one pass in the 2nd half, and it didn’t count because of a penalty. It was obvious early that Chop Robinson’s pass rush, was going to figuratively kill us and might literally kill JJ, so they just decided to just not throw the ball anymore. They played with as many as eight offensive linemen. Not just in short yardage situations, but sometimes on first down. It looked like 2021 Michigan/OSU (except sadly less dominant, and way less joy in the crowd). I’m very happy to see this team win an ugly, close game. The Rt tackle situation is gonna be a thing against OSU (and anyone in the playoff if we make it that far), but for now, we’re 10-0 and we just beat a top-10 team in one of the hardest places to win in the country.

Brian Gillis: Give Penn State credit. The Nittany Lion defense was as good as advertised and made Michigan work for everything it got. Penn State’s pass rush, in particular, was so disruptive that Michigan all but abandoned its passing game in the second half.

Of course, part of Michigan’s decision to return to bully-ball was the confidence that interim head coach Sherrone Moore had in his own defense - that it could keep Penn State from doing much of anything offensively. Which it did.

When all was said and done, in a gut-wrencher of a game that felt much closer than the 24-15 final score would indicate, Michigan ran its winning streak over Penn State to three games and kept its undefeated season alive.

misdreavus79: How entitled it is to be upset about a potential 10-2 season? Yet, here I am, upset that yet another year, Penn State will have lost to the two best teams on its schedule. There’s plenty to be said about the future, about how this very Michigan team found themselves in this position not that long ago, and how the end of divisions and an expanded playoff will mean different definitions of success, but right now, I really don’t want to hear it. Oh well.

And of course, like a masochist, I’ll be here next week ready to take the abuse again, as Penn State has the inevitable letdown game against Rutgers.

MSU at Ohio State | Offense discovered in unused desk drawer, 38-3

GF3: Well, that was something. Disappointing to see MSU get on the board, but it’s not like you can fault the defense when they stop MSU at the 40 yard line and they have a kicker that can hit 50+ yarders. I guess giving up 3 points when your defense is missing 3 starters isn’t bad.

Despite the many claims from OSU fans (myself included) that Kyle McCord was too old to improve, he is turning in better and better performances as time goes on. He has turned in stats that equal or surpass “leading Heisman contender” J.J. McCarthy against consistenty better competition.

One of these guys is consistently maligned as a failure and one of them is a Heisman contender. Draw your own conclusions.

Rutgers at Iowa | Rutgers offense misses plane to Iowa City, 22-0

RUReady4Brazil: Rutgers was completely outclassed by Iowa in every facet of the game in all three phases: toughness, players, coaching. Yes, they made Brian Ferentz look like an above average OC. It was embarrassing. By my count that puts Kirk Ciarrocca who usually has a coaching edge most weeks to 0-4 in his last four against Iowa dating back to 2019. All the positive thoughts after a dogfight for three quarters with Ohio State means nothing now. If Rutgers wasn’t already bowl eligible, I would be livid and the fan base would be calling for someone’s head. Iowa has elite defense and special teams, but they completed one long pass and just destroyed the Knights underneath. It just looked like Rutgers didn’t practice all week while Iowa had a month to prepare. Tip of the cap to the Hawkeye coaching staff, I wish the Jets had them so I don’t have to watch another Nathaniel Hackett debacle tonight.

Indiana at Illinois | Hoosiers bowl dreams die in OT, 48-45

thumpasaurus: First, let’s be clear. Michigan’s season is just another one of the many reminders you see around you every day that the more pure your evil is, the more success you’re guaranteed in this day and age. It is truly a godforsaken time in which we live.That being said, John paddock! The man throws bombs all over your moms! The defense showed up exactly once, but it was in overtime when it counted. Illinois managed to against all odds avoid the trademark Bielema home letdown after a big road win.Bret Bielema is the first illini coach since Ron Turner to have three straight five win seasons, and the first since Mackovic to have no seasons with fewer than 5 wins. I used to pray that if the illini couldn’t be great that they at least be fun to watch. I also prayed for more important things, such as Michigan football cessation of existence, but hey I got one thing.

I’d like to add on to misdreavus79’s point...

’s contribution here, because I think he’s a bit too reserved to say it but I know he feels how I feel. I have absolutely seen as much as I ever want to see of James Franklin. This dude is incapable of ever again producing the result that I want for penn state. He can never lose to teams that need a win, and he can never beat teams that desperately need to lose. He just kinda keeps doing the same thing, just running his own race on the periphery. I can’t stand this dude anymore. Do something interesting! Either win as a dog or lose as a favorite! Just do SOMETHING INTERESTING!

He was a high school QB: After the purdue game, I predicted Illinois would be 5-6 heading into the Nern game and I would bet the mortgage on the mildcats. Nothing I saw today makes me think that it’s not going to happen.

John Paddock joins the list of transfer QBs that are my favorite Illinois quarterbacks. Jeff George, Reilly O’Toole, and now John Paddock. I know you’ve all heard the story, but this is why we love sports.

AlmaOtter: It wouldn’t have been unreasonable to expect a regression to the mean from John Paddock. After the game-winning heroics last week in Minneapolis, it would have made sense, especially given the Illini QB history, for him to have a less than stellar start in place of injured Luke Altmeyer. I was hopeful, but wasn’t optimistic with Indiana coming to Champaign.My mom’s in town. We went to the bar to watch. She was just hoping for an entertaining game.The game was wildly entertaining. The defense was a sieve. Paddock set the record for Illini passing yards at Memorial Stadium. We snuck away with a walkoff OT win. I yelled so loudly that I scared half the bar and all of the bartenders. 5-5, with two games to go.

BuffKomodo: Well, Indiana has officially ended its season. I mean they still have to play two trophy games, but that’s it. After jumping out to a commanding 15 point lead in the first half, Indiana surrendered 27 straight points and gave up over 650 yards of offense to lose at Illinois. The offense seemingly gets fixed, and then you give up the most yards of the Tom Allen era to a backup QB. It’s…astounding. If Indiana wins the next two games, Allen may keep his job. Lose one or both? He’s probably out. This loss just underscores the importance of hiring right, being firm in your decision making, and scheduling correctly. But at least all hope for a bowl has finally been snuffed out. What a shitty season.

Maryland at Nebraska | Huskers get shucked at the last second, 13-10

Larry31: So, my son was running late, so I scanned all the channels looking for the Maryland broadcast. Not seeing Maryland on any of the usual suspect channels and realizing the game was being playing in CST, I assumed it was a 3:30 [EST] game. Not that I would have supplanted spending time with my son who is in college, but it kept me from constantly checking my phone for a score update. Turns out it was a noon [EST] game and it was deservedly relegated to the Peacock. Maryland won 13-10. I know nothing about how this game went. But that score is not exactly filling me with confidence heading into the orbit of the Michigan Death Star next week.

Just watched extended highlights of this game: oh my. I thought being a Terps fan sucked.

Nebraska has a solid defense. But their QB situation sucks. The played 3 QBs. Each one had an interception, leading to four total INTs and a fumble for FIVE turnovers. Ooof. And they were bad throws, not great or lucky plays by Maryland. For Maryland, Taulia threw a pick but, it was on a good throw that got tipped. Much, much different. Nebraska fans, you have my sympathy. That shit would be tough to take all year. On the bright side, it looks like Rhule will turn it around. Good overall play, just need something resembling a QB who manages the game and doesn’t throw picks.

BRT: The toughest part of watching the Huskers this year (and it has been TOUGH) is the awareness that this team could perhaps have reached the soaring heights of mediocrity with even slightly less careless QB play.It was not to be, however. A four-game skid to end the season is certainly demoralizing, but what’s worse is that it seems to have been mostly unnecessary. I guess the good news is that with a healthier offense and maybe, someday, an adequate quarterback, the Huskers may get to go bowling again. Too bad it wasn’t this year.

Never was an L more thoroughly earned. Well done, Huskers.

Dead Read: If you hold Lia’s Terps to 13 points, you should win. It is obvious to everyone that the Huskers do not have Power 5 talent at quarterback, so I have questions. First, why are the coaches continually putting below average quarterbacks in positions to fail? Second, why do the quarterbacks keep leaping at the opportunity? I do not have answers.

Things look bad, but they could get uglier. GBR.

Minnesota at Purdue | All aboard for Purdue Harbor, 49-30

WSR: As my esteemed friend FrothyGopher said yesterday, Fleck is doing his best to prove himself right about the whole “just beating Iowa and wisconsin is good enough to keep the job at Minnesota” thing he said shortly after he was hired. This was the 3rd absolute fucking disgrace of the season following Northwestern and Illinois.

The defense has the excuse of being one tweaked ankle away from me being a LB, having gone down to a true freshman after even more in-game injuries occurred at that spot and DB.

The offense, on the other hand, may be in really big trouble. Greg Harbaugh should consider himself lucky if he gets out of the state of Indiana without being arrested for the abortion of a 3rd quarter in which his “offense” only gained 18 yards. It feels like once the offense gets off script, we have difficulty doing anything outside of 2 minute drills. Fleck’s conservatism to the point of possibly only being dissuaded by Jim Tressel is starting to get a bit tiring, and he needs to abandon his commitment to mediocre coaches in the name of loyalty.

It’s a good thing we only have games against THE Ohio State University and wisconsin left, and not actual difficult opponents, right?

Kind of...(Chris): I’m lazy and have a fundamental right not to be exposed to any more of UW shitting themselves at home against Northwestern, so I’m just going to paste in two snarky comments I made before ceasing to pay attention whatsoever.

BRT, you’re on notice. Somebody is getting bowl eligible next week despite the best efforts of our respective favorite teams. B1G West forever!!!Alexa: What is the record for consecutive third down conversions?Northwestern, If you’re not going to hire David Braun, you mind if we give him a call?

Northwestern at Wisconsin | Cats drink Bucky’s milkshake, 24-10

MNW: Beyond “win football games,” the thing I like most in football (professional or college) is “beating wisconsin.”

Not only is that what happened today, but Northwestern balled up the Dairy Raid and shoved it in the trash can where it belongs. What an impressive turnaround by this defense from 2022, when the linebackers looked hopeless and no one could tackle.

The answer was David Braun.

Back up the truck and hire him now.

He is the first NU coach since 1903 to have won 5+ games in Year 1, he has turned around an absolutely putrid defense, and, in my wife’s words just now, “He’s pretty good-looking.”.

This team is playing for David Braun, and it finally all came together against wisconsin: Ben Bryant came out firing and put to rest any questions surrounding the Northwestern passing game. AJ Henning flashed the talent that we expected. Cam Porter was a damn bowling ball. The line blocked well. And that meant Braun’s defense had the lead to just keep the Dairy Raid in front of them: a shell-7 defense, linebackers daring Tanner Mordecai to run...

This was incredible. I (and, I would bet, most ‘Cats fans) am feeling things I have not felt about Northwestern football in at least three years. It’s exciting and it feels like the world is in front of Northwestern right now. Win another, get to a bowl, extend Braun, GO ‘CATS.

LPW: If Derrick Gragg, Michael Schil or whoever is calling the shots at Northwestern aren’t banging down David Braun’s door right now, that is malpractice.I don’t think in 20+ years of being a Northwestern fan I’ve ever seen us completely (minus garbage time) dominate and humiliate the drunken rancid popcorn skunks like this (I was playing high school football in 95 and 96).We’ve had close wins, and sometimes they’ve kicked our asses, but for us to kick their asses like this? Oh man oh man, this is amazing.

I don’t care how badly I’m going to be hungover tomorrow, I’m glad I bought more beer before I started watching the game. ROLL DAMN CATS and give Braun the B1G COTY award.