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Sunday Evening Mailbag is 5-5 (3-4)

and looks cute in the footy pajamas with the buttflap.

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - Season 1 Photo by: Bob Ganley/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Our household does presents very limited. Something small for birthdays, and a three-part Christmas gift: something cozy, something sweet, amd something to read.

Mrs. MNW is celebrating one today, and we decamped to her parents' cabin for a weekend with just us and the kiddo. A few meals she likes, shopping trip into town for the newest in Rebecca Yarros's Empyrean series, and the one gift she requested: cozy pajamas.

Because she has complained for years that we don't have matching pajamas and, with the edition of MNWildkit, our collective "suburban white woman" has kicked into overdrive, I indulged. A nice family set from Macy's.

They fit the Mrs perfectly, and Wildkit toddled around in her 2T/3T set, with the sleeves and pant legs rolled up multiple times, to her indifference and our delight.

And for how they fit me? Pajama sets (that I can afford) do not come in "Tall" sizes, but the pants fit well enough.

I like to think of this 5-5 (3-4) mess in a similar vein:

  • Northwestern is thrilled to be here
  • Nebraska isn't quite sure what's going on, but they're growing into it
  • Minnesota, Illinois, and wisconsin all have their gut hanging out, but a finish line is still in sight.

And my in-laws, who lets analogize to Iowa for the sake of the number of headaches both cause me, are thrilled that they both get Christmas cards of this and do not have to stoop into the slop any further.

In that vein, It is time to ask us your questions about various Big Ten athletics, life, whether they are in fact the footy pajamas with the buttflap, or anything else you would like. We will compile them by Tuesday and answer you sometime later in the week.