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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 11

And time to say good riddance to Ryan Field

Welcome to WWBWWBD, nobody reads this part so let’s get straight into the content!


I’ll be in Kinnick Stadium for senior day. Since I’m bringing one of the twins I’ll probably just stick to light beer. We’ll grab some food outside the stadium so I guess the food will be a burger or some type of meat on a stick. The kid will eat a bucket or two of popcorn and wash it down with a powerade.


This is it: the end of Ryan Field. And I’ll be there, in all my underwhelming glory, for one last dance with the ol’ gal we once called Dyche.

Drinks? Everything under the Chicago sun. I’ll be headed down I-94 with some Grain Belt or maybe Hamm’s, but the Malort will flow and the memories will be shared. What more do you need than that?


I’ll be in Charlotte, NC. Drink-wise probably alcohol free during the day as I’ll be on kid duty alone Saturday daytime for the final time before I’ll have at least one in law in town for the next four months. Hockey wise we shifted from Miller Lite before the game to Labatt Blue for enjoyment during the Wisconsin-Nebraska nightcap.


I’ll be on my way home from a day trip with the honors program that I impulsively agreed to go on last month. Given how Nebraska has behaved the past couple of weeks, I’m actually not too sad to miss this.

Brian Gillis

I’ll be in Los Angeles this weekend. Saturday, I’ll be at the LA Coliseum watching one of the better soon-to-be Big Ten rivalries as USC battles UCLA for the Victory Bell and bragging rights. There might be better existing conference rivalries, but few are played in better weather.


For once, my answer isn’t “in my basement all alone”. I’ll be in sunny College Park, Maryland, watching the Wolverines grind Maryland into turtle dust in SECU stadium. At least I hope that’s how the game goes. Neither my friend nor I really drink, so it’ll be his standard Mountain Dew, and my standard water.


I will be in New Albany, Indiana for a family Thanksgiving. I’ll be drinking my brother-in-law’s beer and attempting to embarrass my mother.


I’ll be in Northern Virginia as usual, but will be combining two of my most bizarre niche hobbies: playing Dungeons and Dragons and forcing my friends to watch the B1G West classic matchup between Illinois-Iowa. That’s right, the OTE writer’s room truly contains multitudes.

He was a high school QB

I’ll be in the cities probably drinking some local brews


Back in Cincinnati hoping there are no emergencies that require someone to give me a call while I’m on call.


I’m pretty sure I was lied to, because I was under the impression that hastag activities were done for the year. Well, there are activities on Saturday, which means I’m likely to miss the game.


I will be on old mission peninsula in traverse city; my plan is to be at Bonobo Winery around the time the sun sets. This means I will be watching the last parts of the game at The Filling Station microbrewery, sipping on everything under the sun.


I will be somewhere in the Minnesota area, trying to recover from a Friday night pickleball tournament I’ve been forced to participate in. I have no idea where just yet. I’m sure Grain Belt and Jameson will be consumed.

Ok everyone, only two weeks left in the regular season, so go to the comments and let’s see what the rest of you doing tomorrow. Happy Friday!