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Week 12: B1G Evening Game Thread

B1G After Dark: Neither Is Good, But One Will Be Worse

Maryland v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs wisconsin badgers

630pm | NBC | WISC -5.5 | O/U 36.5

Here are the rules:

1) No pirated streams or discussion about pirated streams.

2) Have fun.

3) Don’t be a jackass.


Game Threads drop at 830, 230, and 6. All times GTZ.

Sonnet CXXIV

If my dear love were but the child of state,

It might for Fortune’s bastard be unfather’d’

As subject to Time’s love or to Time’s hate,

Weeds among weeds, or flowers with flowers gather’d.

No, it was builded far from accident;

It suffers not in smiling pomp, nor falls

Under the blow of thralled discontent,

Whereto the inviting time our fashion calls:

It fears not policy, that heretic,

Which works on leases of short-number’d hours,

But all alone stands hugely politic,

That it nor grows with heat nor drowns with showers.

To this I witness call the fools of time,

Which die for goodness, who have lived for crime.