B1G Survivor 2023 Week 14

B1G Survivor 2023 Week 14

We have your B1G Survivor Champions!

Congratulations to BradNortmansActingCoach, the man who started it all with B1G Survivor on Off Tackle Empire. He has clinched this years Winners bracket as he has the tie breaker wrapped up.

He and FFXlion and BlueinATX all have Michigan winning the Conference Championship game to get the perfect season.

A hat tip as well to JayMPSU and wesd2005 who also successfully made it all the way through the regular season unscathed. Unfortunately, neither of their remaining pick made the championship game and the regular season tie breaks did not work in their favor.

In the Loser's bracket only fdlbadger, boilermaker5, and Dead Read survived rivalry Saturday (in that order). As they all have Michigan losing to Iowa next week and no relegations from the winner's pool, this one can be called as well.

Congrats to fdlbadger, our Losers' bracket champ on tie breakers.

It's been a fun season and I look forward to doing it again next year.

On that topic, there will necessarily be a change next year with the Big Ten adding four new teams while maintaining the same schedule (13 weeks of football, 1 bye for each team + 1 championship game).

My thoughts on this have change over the course of this season. Now I'm leaning towards everyone makes 2 picks in the first three weeks with one PASS. If one of your picks loses, you are out.

So you need to pick 5 total teams the first three weeks, but you decide how you want to go about that. If you only wanted to pick one team the first week, your picks would be " Your pick and PASS". You would then need to make two picks the next two weeks etc., etc.

Live by the cupcake, die by the cupcake.

If you happen to make it to the end of the season next year, the same process would apply to weeks 11-13. You would need to make 2 picks each of those weeks, but would again be granted one PASS.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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