The Ferentz Line Report (Week 13)

Let us commemorate this Hawkeye season, for it was one for the ages.

  • Games played: 12
  • Games in which Iowa crossed the Ferentz Line: 2 (WMU, MSU)
  • Games in which Iowa’s opponent crossed the Ferentz Line: 1 (PSU)
  • Games in which both teams crossed the Ferentz Line: 0
  • Games in which neither team crossed the Ferentz Line: 9 (USU, ISU, Purdue, UW, Minny, jNW, Rut, ILL, Neb)
  • Games in which the total score was under the Ferentz Line: 5 (UW, Minny, jNW, Rut, Nebby)
  • Highest total score: 51 (WMU)
  • Lowest total score: 17 (jNW)
  • Last time a team in a game involving Iowa crossed the Ferentz Line: September 30 (MSU)

Week Thirteen:

Look at all those teams that scored 40+! We’re 8-6 against the Line this week, which is something we haven’t pulled off since Week 4. Everyone had the HAT game as the shootout of the week, right?

45 Northwestern
43 Illinois
42 Maryland
42 Penn State
35 Purdue
31 Indiana
30 Michigan
28 Wisconsin
24 Ohio State
24 Rutgers
14 Minnesota
13 Iowa
10 Nebraska
0 Michigan State


We did have some unexpected 40-point outbursts this week, but nothing big enough to improve our 4-10 season standing against the line. Illinois came pretty close, though — just six more points would’ve done it. Fortunately, the Fighting Berts played a nice, clean game with no mistakes, so they won’t have any regrets about this one.

37.6 (451/12) Michigan
37.2 (446/12) Penn State
32.8 (394/12) Ohio State
29.6 (355/12) Maryland
24.5 (294/12) Illinois
23.9 (287/12) Purdue
22.8 (274/12) Wisconsin
22.8 (273/12) Northwestern
22.6 (271/12) Rutgers
22.2 (266/12) Indiana
20.2 (242/12) Minnesota
18.0 (216/12) Nebraska
18.0 (216/12) Iowa
15.9 (191/12) Michigan State

Record Against the Line:

Making fun of Iowa is fun and all, but what really tickles me about this section is that I can put "7-5 Ohio State" in print.

11-1 Michigan
10-2 Penn State
7-5 Ohio State
7-5 Maryland
6-6 Minnesota
5-7 Illinois
5-7 Rutgers
5-7 Wisconsin
4-8 Indiana
4-8 Northwestern
4-8 Purdue
3-9 Nebraska
2-10 Michigan State
2-10 Iowa

Who's Safe?

To hit the 25 PPG mark, you need at least 300 points in a 12-game season, 325 in a 13-game season, 350 in a 14-game season, and 375 in a 15-game season.

The four teams that are already over the line (Michigan, Penn State, Ohio State, and Maryland) have enough points that they are safe for however many games they have left.

Four bowl-eligible teams are still under the line (Wisconsin, Northwestern, Rutgers, and Iowa). The first three of those teams just have one game to get to 325, and they all need 50+ to pull it off (51, 52, and 54, respectively). Not impossible, but also not likely.

Iowa has two games left to play, but that means they need to get all the way to 350. They’re 134 away from that number, so no. Not like the Ferentzi ever cared about the Line anyway.

Everybody else is done, unless a 5-7 teams qualifies for a bowl under the APR exception.

Previous B1G West Winners

Not only did Iowa succeed at becoming the lowest-PPG winner of the B1G West, they did so by a mile. The Hawkeyes’ 216 points is more than two Ferentz Units below the only other team to win the division while staying under the 25 PPG mark. F U, indeed.

The B1G East winner, Michigan, finished with 451 points — exactly one point more than 2014 Wisconsin. So we’ve got a title game between a team that scored more points than any B1G West champ ever, and another team that scored fewer points (adjusted for length of season) than any B1G West champ ever. Any guesses how this is gonna go?

2014 Wisconsin (450/12; 37.5 PPG)
2019 Wisconsin (429/12; 35.8 PPG)
2017 Wisconsin (418/12; 34.8 PPG)
2015 Iowa (404/12; 33.7 PPG)
2016 Wisconsin (342/12; 28.5 PPG)
2022 Purdue (341/12; 28.4 PPG)
2021 Iowa (308/12; 25.7 PPG)
2020 Northwestern (177/7; 25.3 PPG)
2018 Northwestern (284/12; 23.7 PPG)
2023 Iowa (216/12; 18.0 PPG)

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