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Mail Call! Ask us no questions, you’ll bring tears to our eyes.

We like talking to you, and you like talking to us. So let’s make it happen.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska
Oh, the humanity.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Goodness, that comment section of SMCD got sentimental, didn’t it? The regular season ended, and we are collectively verklempt about The End of Things. Maybe not all of us are sad about not watching our teams “play football” any more this year, but we all seem to be on the verge of losing something, and we know it. Nevertheless, I’m a little proud of what I saw in that comment section: a bunch of dumb-dumbs got the keys to this place, wrote lots of silly things about sports, showed off niche interests, and kept arcane jokes running on forever and ever (Pete Mote)... and somehow have developed the most level-headed and (mostly) intelligent sports commentariat in the entire internet (I can’t prove this, you can’t prove this, so let’s make like Michigan declaring themselves “America’s Team” and claim the mantle for ourselves.)

It’s the kind of community development that corporate types say they want and attempt to force to grow inorganically, and then just as surely kill off when they do manage to stumble upon such a thing. But so far, we’re still here, and so are you, and thank you for that.

But enough of my meditations on the meaning of internet sports community. Let’s see what you want us to write about this week. We’ve been getting gradually less focused on football, so maybe you’ve got some burning questions about basketball or the upcoming NCAA volleyball tournament? (Overall #1 seed Nebraska woooohooo!) Maybe against all of your better judgment you want to talk about the CCG? Maybe you need a book rec for someone in your life? I dunno. It’s the end of the season - you know the drill.